Why The Waves Are Really Worth It

Worthy Waves

I personally feel like life comes in waves. Waves of pain, sadness, anxiety, tragedy. When the waves aren’t around, we’re floating and swimming is so easy. When the waves are there, it’s not as easy. We either sink or swim.

Even if you found yourself drowning, I need you to know that, that moment was beyond worth it. 

The heartache was worth it. Mistakes were worth it. Disagreements were worth it. The waves were and are worth it.

Worth it because it taught you a few things… only if you allowed it too.

  1. Perspective
  2. Appreciation
  3. Mind Set
  4. Different Route

Waves in life are often meant to show us the bigger picture. I think we’ve all had points in life where we needed a wake-up call and a wave can be just that. It’s showing you that you aren’t the only person in the world. Showing you to think a different way. Appreciating what you do have, not what you don’t. Making you realize you need to work harder or slow down. Shifting your mindset into higher thinking. Understanding that there can be positivity found in every circumstance. Guiding you to a more mature way of viewing things. Allowing you to transition into a new chapter in life. I mean I could go on. The point is that your wave is your blessing, but you have to allow it to be.

Sink or swim?

Are you going to sink in the self-pity, grief, and pain or swim into a higher way of thinking, moving forward into the next phase of your life, and appreciate the good and not so good times?

The only way out is through. Swim through the wave and before you know it, you’ll be floating again


Your wave is worth it.



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