When you can stand in your truth you can be free. 

There’s nothing like having that dead weight lifted off of you. The weight of the worlds rules, your family’s expectations, and your insecurities. When you begin to know yourself and stand firm in that, people will see and feel that energy.

We all want someone to be honest and real with us yet we’re afraid to be that for ourselves so the minute we begin to be that for ourselves first is the minute we will naturally begin to be that in our business. 

Vulnerability has been portrayed as a weakness but it’s in fact how one can build trust within our clients and customers.

  1. Show people you are a real person by being a real person. Let yourself be free and remove the mask of “perfection.”
  2. Breathe easy knowing you can be authentic and not have to put up a front and fake face for anyone, ever.
  3. Trust that the right people will align to you the more you step into who you are.


Houses sell themselves.

Food sells itself.

Products sell themselves.

It’s you that makes people want to by. 


So maybe you do want it. You want to be authentic. You want to be real. You’re ready to remove the layers and deadweight and just be your freaking self. You want to find the confidence in who you are to your core but how? (check out my Facebook live posted above)

  • Show up for yourself first. Decide you are go to take yourself seriously. Stop exoecting everyone else to take you serious if you aren’t even taking your own self seriously. Decide and keep on deciding by practing self care on the daily. If you miss a day, just start again the next. Keep on going and going.
  • Practice self care daily. Read books, listen to podcast, exercise, add healthier foods to your diet, hang around uplifting people, meditate, journal, spend time outside, be with yourself, tap into your thoughts and feelings, be honest with yourself.
  • Stand firm in the middle of your awakening. As you step into who you are and become confident in that understand it doesn’t happen overnight but as your practice you will find resistance. Removing mask, uncovering layers, and getting out of a negative space isn’t easy. You’re creating new habits and that takes time so practice. Practice makes perfect. Start and keep on going. Remember to give yourself grace throughout this period.



Being authentic in your brands helps the right clients and dream customers connect to you. 









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