Who’s Apart Of The Tribe?



You. You’re apart of the tribe.

You and me, we make we. Together we live our lives to the fullest. Together we embark on life by truly figuring out who we are and being that person wholeheartedly. Together we find our passion and we let that fuel us. Together we vow to live fully, love ourselves, and be who we are meant to be deep down on the inside.

I’ve always been so intrigued by people and what they offer the world through their talents. It amazes me how awesome we are, but saddens me to not see everyone uplifted. For some reason, we feel the talent is only in big cities or that the only way we’ll make it is if we go to LA. Well, I think there is talent all around us and each of us can make it right where we are.

So I’m on a mission. 

A mission to bring artist together from all around the world. To shout y’all out. To encourage y’all. I’m here for the people. I’m here for the artist. I’m here for those living their passion.  So yes, let me in on your projects and your ideas. I’m here to share. I’m here shout you out. I’m here for the art. I’m here for the go-getters and the hustlers. I’m here for the ones that know what they want and go after it with their whole being. Let’s Slush On Em.

To Slush On Em Is To… 

Have your head in the game. Passionately going after your passions. Letting your no’s be your motivators. Putting yourself out there. It’s doing your thing and making your shit shake.

And To Slush Through Is To…

Is to know and understand that sometimes the creative juices stop flowing. There’s moments where we just take in the experiences of life, soak it up, and let that fuel us for our come back. It’s not always go, go, go. Life happens but we Slush Through then come back slushin’ on em.

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