Who Gives A Shit?

Yikes I just cussed in the title. Damn.

Literally laughing out loud at the number of times I’ve been scared to be 100% myself. Funny coming from me right? I know Im constantly preaching to everyone “be you. all of you. real and raw.” but me? I haven’t been that person. At least not all the way.  I’ve given you the surface and let you in jusssst a little bit, but not too much. See, I’m a blogger. My life is in the eye of the public so I have to be a certain way. I’ve made post about believing in Jesus so I can’t talk about certain things. I’m a mom so I shouldn’t cuss. I have to carry myself in one way and one way only.

Well shit. I can’t be myself because according to society I won’t make it in this world. And that’s when I quit. Less posting. More confusion. “What do I do now?” “What am I made for?” After long days of depression, anxiety attacks, and simply just feeling sorry for myself. It hit me. I AM MEANT TO BE ME. DO ME. AND STICK UP FOR THE REAL ONES. (ya heard?)

Yep, I came here to make a difference and by golly that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to encourage you to love yourself while letting you know I’ve had a hard time loving myself as well. No more just talking about it. I’m going to show you.

I came here to motivate you to live your passion while walking you through my struggles of making my dreams come true. It hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been a freaggggin’ rollercoaster.

I came here to live life to it’s fullest potential in hopes you will too. The only way I’m going to do that is by being myself, loving myself, and living myself.

Why? Because we are human. Humans make mistakes. Humans are imperfect. We are all one and I’m pretty sick of people acting like we aren’t. So you. Yes you, know that just because you may believe in something religiously you’ll still sin. Know that just because in this moment you don’t love yourself, there will be a moment you do. Know that you may hate the job you’re in now, but one day you will be living your dream. Know that I am real. I am just like you hunny. No more sugar-coating. No more hiding because of what someone may think. And definitely no more living by society’s rules.



I do what I wanna do *flips hair*

and you should too.

Never feel the need to explain yourself. Never feel the need to change your appearance. At the end of the day, if that's what you want to do... fine. But don't ever do it for the sake of what someone else may think. It's your life,… Click To Tweet


  1. I love this!! I can relate 100 % bc I feel like I would’ve been something in the makeup industry by now bc the only thing that was stoping me was getting criticized ppl telling me I was ” fake ” or ugly in person and pretty in pictures and alot and it kinda hurta seeing EVERYBODY like that now ?

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