Where To Register When Pregnant

Oh, it’s that time! Time to have a baby and get them every little thing they need. Oh, what a precious time. 

I want to get started by saying a huge congratulations. This is a big time in your life and I am super excited for you. I want to make sure you and that sweet baby have everything you need! So let’s get you all set with the perfect registry! I’m sure you’ve noticed already, but there are so many places you can get registered. Which one do I recommend?



Before I jump in, I want to let you know that although this post is sponsored by Babylist all opinions are my own.

Babylist Universal Registry is both a website and app where you can register everything you need. I put big and small things on mine so the prices ranged. This gives everyone a chance to get what they can afford. Stroller, carseat, crib, pack n play, clothes, toys, bibs, diaper bag, hangers, organizers… I mean every little thing.

There are many reasons I absolutely adore the Babylist registry.

  • You can add anything, from anywhere. This is neat because if you’re like me you like a lot of things. Sticking to one brand can be hard, but with Babylist you don’t have to. Just add anything from any store to your registry. This makes it easy for people shopping in different areas as well. You can find brands like Solly Baby, Dockatot, Freshly Picked, Tubby Todd, Owlet Care, 4moms. I have a Dockatot myself and shoes from Freshly Picked and we (my daughter and I) love it! 
  • There’s an app. Don’t apps make everything easier?!
  • Insert cards. When you send your baby shower invites, you’ll be sure to have an insert free from Babylist to add to your invite. This is a great way to let everyone know where to get your gifts.
  • Discounts. Yes momma I love a good discount too. Babylist will give you a one time 10% discount for whatever is left on your registry that can be used on things in the Babylist store.
  • Free Stuff: First discounts, now free stuff? Mhm, I got your back and so does Babylist! Babylist offers a free Hello Baby Box full of goodies for you and baby from the trusted brands and services. You can see what I received in my Hello Baby Box at the end of this post. I made a video just for you! Each month the contents in the box vary. There are some restrictions in getting the box that you can find here

Babylist lets you add any item from any store. Start your Babylist registry today to be eligible for Free Hello Baby Box.


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