So what is Kayla Dene’ Blogs?

It’s me showing my life. My motto is to encourage the world to live life to it’s fullest through loving ourselves and living our passion.

My motto has three pieces to it. It’s me encouraging the world for one, us loving ourselves for two, and for three it’s us living our passion.


To talk about life and all the waves in true transparency. I am an open book as my life is for people.

  1. Our strength lies in our mess as our mess helps us to grow and move forward.
  2. Our mess shapes us into who we are.
  3. Then turn that mess into your message for other people. It all comes full circle for both us and the other person.

Through my experiences, I want to motivate you to live your life, fully. I want to inspire you. I want to encourage you.


To be devoted to who we are. Loving ourselves is being willed to discover who we are, care about it, and authentically be it.

  1. Discovering who we are is something we will constantly be doing as we grow, but taking the time to be aware and understand our thoughts and actions is where it’s key. We have to be devoted to our discovery by learning and growing from each moment.
  2. Caring about who we are is catering to our minds, bodies, and souls.
  3. Authentically being who we are is knowing and loving ourselves so well the opinions of others don’t shake us. We can confidently speak our truth.

Once you know and love you, life becomes magical.


It’s a miraculous feeling when you’re loving yourself, and when you add living your passion. Wow. It truly feels incredible like you will be UNSTOPPABLE.

Read, listen, and watch how I am encouraging the world to live life to it’s fullest through loving ourselves and living our passion.

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