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I found myself crying over a boy last night. That boy just so happens to be the father of my child. Never thought I would be a single mom and here I am. It’s been hard to accept and I’ve been afraid to even tell people. How can I share this with everyone when I’ve preached self-love so hard? Well, because I’m human. It would be worse to stay in something that wasn’t of value and portray to you things were peachy than to stick up for myself and be real about it. Without going into details of the break up I want to talk about worth.

Worth is valuing who you are as a person. Remember all those times I talked about the importance of self-awareness? This is a perfect time to start becoming aware. Are you truly valuing who you are as a person?


In the midst of my tears I came across this post by Spirit Halima on Facebook…

“Why chasing men work against your Feminine Superpowers (or the reason why you’re always feeling insecure or afraid he’ll leave you for a hotter woman)

Year ago, I was wildly intoxicated by my manager, Conrad.
He was so fine, older and was supa confident.
I wanted him. He didn’t want me.

Instead of honoring the discord, I resisted and delved into my seduction bag full of shenanigans. I wanted to control and manipulate instead of accepting the truth: he wasn’t for me.

I created drama and tension.
Until he tapped in. A year later, he became my “boyfriend”.
We lived in different cities and I always made the effort to see him.

I was over-functioning [the DO-ER in the relationship, while he sat on his ass and did much of nothing]. Over-functioners magnetize TAKERS.

When you want a man that doesn’t want YOU, You HUNT…..( Masculine energy )
You make the effort,
You cook the meals,
You make the plans,
You buy the gifts…..the lingerie,
You pursue and then wait for his phone call.

Months later, I received a phone call from a “friend” informing that Conrad really wanted my best friend, not me.
I had a dozens of eggs splattered on my face
Conrad made himself available, but his heart wasn’t in it. It didn’t matter how voluptuous I was, or my beauty or sweetness…..he was lukewarm.

You see, at that time, I didn’t trust that I was good enough. So, I was always in AUDITION mode —(btw, Goddesses never audition)
But, all of that shifted when I STOPPED chasing love and approval.
I acknowledged my Organic Essence – Divinity – which is LOVE.
–Damn. All this time, what I wanted was already within

And, let me tell you Sis….
It wasn’t easy.
I faced a lot of ugly patterns and learned to think, feel and act counter to what felt “normal”

It was a rebirth into a more powerful woman
And, it’s exactly how I support my clients retrieve power & blossom during “bad ” relationships and break ups.

Know that you’ll never have to chase again….
There’s nothing more you need to do in order to be claimed by the men you desire.
You were born with everything that captivates and compels….

Once you realize just how fucking amazing you are …..just as you are

When you know THIS without any doubt
Men will see the Fire in Your Eyes
Oh yes, they’ll FEEL power>>confidence oozing from your veins
And, will bring their f*cking A game [ without you even having to say a word]

You’ve got the SuperPower……
All you have to do is put on your Goddess cape …..and watch what happens.

Spirit Halima


This spoke to me hard. I had chased this guy and other guys for a very long time and for what? Why have I spent an endless amount of hours trying to prove and show my worth instead of just being the goddess that I am?

From this day forward, me and you, lets vow to be the best version of ourselves. Live our best lives. Not chase anyone and one day, by surprise, maybe just maybe the person who is meant for us will come into our lives and without a shadow of a doubt, they will see our worth and value us for the goddesses that we are.


Side note: I haven’t always acted like a queen which is only human, none of us are perfect all the time BUT I need to start being the best that I can be. I need to be the goddess and be the goddess first and foremost for myself so that if and when someone else comes into my life I can also be the best for them.

  1. Love yourself by being the best version of yourself for you, first. Take care of yourself. Live your passion.
  2. Understand your worth and be a GODDESS.
  3. Live and never settle for less than you deserve. Don’t chase, just be and everything and everyone will fall into place.

I have to first be my best for me before I’m my best for anyone else. Truly dig deep inside of who I am. Nourish that person. Love that person. Be true to that person and in turn I will be my best as a mom, daughter, wife, business owner, etc.

So again, have you truly understood your worth? Are you valuing the goddess that you are?



  1. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with such a difficult experience. But also so grateful that you shared such a powerful message – sometimes self-love is simply being truthful. Both with yourself and those you need to speak your truth with. Self-acceptance is also such an important and powerful tool we all need on our side. Sending tons of love your way and wishing you well ♡

  2. Love this! Thank you for being so transparent. You are so right too about loving yourself and being the best version of yourself for YOU, FIRST! That is so true and something I am constantly working on. Thanks for that reminder.

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