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The raw truth. Riley was a surprise…………… *SURPRISE*


I am a unwed, 21 one year old that does not have a college degree. Therefor, I was told numerous of times that my life is over. That I can no longer do anything… not one thing, ever again for myself. That I should just give up my dreams. When I first found out I was pregnant I was shocked- just as anyone would be, but honestly excited too! After awhile that excitement left because I started soaking in the negative thoughts people were saying. I became scared and doubtful.

How it all went down:

My boyfriend had a feeling I was pregnant (LOL). I didn’t even think anything, but I finally listened to him and we went to get a test. The results from the pee stick popped up so fast that I thought “there must be something wrong with this thing!” So, for the second stick I had Wesley (my baby daddy haha also the love of my life. I just like calling him baby daddy) come in with me to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Well, turns out I was born crazy (hey, at least I have more fun) and I was pregnant as well. The next morning we rushed over to get a test done at the doctors office to confirm and kind of figure out- what the heck do we do now? As soon as we left the office I called my parents. I was extremely nervous because I already knew what they were going to say and what I thought is exactly what they said. Broke, just lost my job, no degree, and young aka not ready to have a baby! It was like everyone was disappointed. I understand what it looked like in that moment- that there was no hope but if you want something to change, you change it. My thought was not to just sit around, eat all day, and lay around. The moment I realized I was having a baby everything changed. I got my stuff together. I found a full time job and even raised my credit score- holla! It is crazy that at one point during my pregnancy I started giving in to what people were telling me- ‘maybe my life really is over.”


Guess what? My baby girl is now two months (where did the time go *tear*) and I am living my dreams! I worked my butt off as a full time employee while she was in my belly. Now that she is here I am working even harder at something I have always wanted to do. I am finally living my passions 100% all while having her here. Getting to stay at home with her and watch her grow all while chasing my dreams has been wonderful thus far. This is the happiest I have ever been in life. I have seen people talk about how their babies changed their lives and how amazing it is- now I completely understand. Life makes sense now. There are tough times, don’t get me wrong but I still make time to take care of myself. One day she will be older and I want her to see that her mommy took care of business. I put my mind to something and made it happen even when everyone told me I could not.


Society has tried setting rules on how people should live their lives.

Some people do not go to college, some start and stop, people get married after babies, babies come before graduating school or while still living with parents- no matter what the situation is, IT IS OKAY. Life happens. I can try to live my life exactly how everyone wants me too and be unhappy or even scared or ashamed when I don’t do as they do…or… I can live my life how it comes and how I want all while being happy. There is no rule book or time frame. If one things happens or comes up, keep pushing along. Life is never over unless you allow it to be.


Live yo life, keep it pushing’ and do the dang thing !

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