Wearing A Bra That Fits: Let’s Get Real

Before jumping into how my life changing story on finding my first ever bra that fits, I want to let you know that this post is sponsored. I was given this experience in exchange for an honest review. All options are my own and they are genuine. I only take on sponsored post that I believe will help you as a reader… and all my fellow bigger chested girls. We gotta stick together. Back pain is a legit thing.

My Story

Growing up I’ve always been the girl with big boobs. While it brought lots of attention after a while I began to hate them. At first I was so in love and told myself I would never, ever get a reduction. Fast forward to getting pregnant and watching them get even bigger, I was like “well, maybe I should get a reduction.” I hated every single thing about having bigger breast.

  • back pain
  • wearing even bigger clothes
  • how they made me look
  • having to always wear a bra

Every time I would go to get fitted it, I would be in the store for hours. They couldn’t ever seem to get something that worked for me and when they did, it would just stretch out after a month. It was ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on sports bras. I wanted to work out, but when my boobs slap my face from simply jumping, it’s not as fun.

Boutique Bra Shop

Until recently, I was going to places in the mall like Victoria Secret and Lane Bryant. I thought Lane Bryant was the best thing ever, but again it took hours to find a bra and it didn’t even fit perfectly. After a month, it started to stretch. I was getting so fed up. Then I saw a bra place in Downtown Frederick, Maryland. I reached out about finding a bra. My last string of hope before just getting a reduction.

By this time I had lost 30ish pounds so I knew my boobs were smaller. So, I go into my appointment at A Perfect Fit Bra and you guys. The very first bra Peggi (the owner) picked out for me, fit. I saw my waist for the very first time since before pregnancy. I felt supported. The bra was magic. Peggi was magic.

What was the difference? 

To the left is my Lane Bryant and to the right is my Perfect Fit Bra


The difference I believe is the more personable experience. I went in for an appointment where it was one on one. The bras aren’t massed produced for a franchise shop. I was working directly with the owner who gave me a ton of information to me.

She explained…

  • How to properly wear a bra
  • How my breast change after pregnancy
  • The way bras are made
  • Why my boobs sit the way they do
  • Back pain
  • How wearing the wrong size bra can impact your body
  • And so much more.

I walked out of a bra consultation for the first time my life, happy. Genuinely happy about my bra. I love the style and the way it feels. I get excited to put a bra on and I never once thought I would say that. Honestly, when I look good I feel good.

More About A Perfect Fit:

Below is a snippet on A Perfect Fit. This came right from Peggi, the owner.

A Perfect Fit is a full service Bra Boutique and Fitting Salon located in Frederick, MD that specializes in professional bra fittings and carries a full size range of bras and undergarments in fashion and foundation for women.

  • IN-STORE SIZES 30-44
  • BANDS, A – N
  • Bra prices $44 to $80
  • Foundation and Fashion Bras, Nursing Bras, Sports Bras, Swimsuits (in season).

We have two levels of fittings: the Full Service Fit and the Quick Fit.

Fittings are much more than your size, which is just a label. A proper lingerie store will have a full size range of bras for different body and breast shapes and sizes because women are curvy creatures and come in all shapes and sizes. A Professional Bra Fitter will take the time to talk to you about what drives you crazy with your bras, what your activities and wardrobe are like so she can present you the right mix of undergarments, assess your individual shape and put you in the correct bra frame for your proportionality, breast condition and breast shape. She should also be able to troubleshoot fit issues like falling straps or digging underwires and health issues that impact your bra fit like back and neck conditions, breast unevenness and different breast surgeries and conditions.

There’s no fashion without foundation.

I think what I loved most about Peggi is her passion to women in proper fitting bras. I could see how happy she was when she saw my face light up. It’s amazing because wearing the right size bra is life changing especially for women who are insecure about their size.


If you have yet to go to a boutique bra consultation, I suggest you do so as soon as you can. And if you’re in the area, stop by A Perfect Fit. 


Learning about proper bra fitting and getting a nice quality bra at A Perfect Bra in Frederick, Maryland.

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