Trust My Personal Path And Being Grateful Every Step Of The Way

Humans. We’re pretty hard on ourselves on and where we should be. I mean think about it dude. “Well guess I’m never going to get married.” “I thought I would be further along than this.” We beat ourselves up for not being in a certain place at a certain time. God forbid you tell someone you’re taking a year off before college.


I am on my own unique path.


There’s power in that statement. There’s magic in that way of living.

Understanding this helped me to release. Release expectations, worry, and pressure. For so long I allowed my success to be defined by others… to the point I tried doing every single thing I could and all at once. I am a pretty hard worker with outrageously big dreams and an even bigger faith. While the big dreams and strong faith are beautiful they aren’t as amazing to have when they’re based on other peoples expectations. When I live my life for other people, in an unhealthy sense, then the pressure comes. I tense up. I freak out. And I end up not doing anything at all. I stop all activity.

I get so consumed by the thoughts and opinions and expectations of other people that I lose myself. 



And I begin trusting my path. The one God laid out for me. The own that is connected with my soul and my divine timing. From there, I breathe easier. I remove the tension. And I begin down my journey.

When something doesn’t work out? I believe it’s for a reason.

When everyone’s doing something I don’t want to? I don’t do it.


I live my life for me. I see where I’ve been, know where I’m at, and see where I’m here. 


I trust the path that I’m on and my mind is at ease knowing I’m in no rush. What helps me move forward and keep pushing?

  • Listening to my intuition.
  • Getting clear on my dreams and goals without limitations.

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