The Number One Thing No Mom Should Ever Forget

Five months into this motherhood gig and life is amazing, hectic, overwhelming, and all the above. Of course, life is now 10x better, but there’s still one thing missing. As I am loving on my daughter daily, soaking up the cuddles, watching her grow, kicking multitasking in the butt, and dealing with diaper explosions I find myself exhausted. I put every ounce of my energy into being a mom, that I completely forget about myself.

While being a mom or parent in general calls for putting the child  first. It also calls for us, as mothers to be strong. After all, we are their examples.

Be Strong Mom ♥


For them. We need to be balanced. Balance in all realms of our life. It is not to be selfish. It’s to have physical, emotional, and spiritual strength.

“Happy Mom means a happy family. Let’s not forget ourselves amidst all the roles of our life.” –Kavita Singh  over at @momtasticworld.


Through self-care. Let’s be real, some days I don’t even get a full shower in… if one at all. My daughter for some reason hates when I shower. She will scream at the top of her lungs. Showering is clearly something that’s necessary along with other hygienic routines. Outside of that, we need to do things that make us feel like, us. Moments to be able to breathe. There are two ways to make these times possible: a) getting your kid(s) on a schedule or b) finding simple routines for yourself.

“I started a new skin care and makeup routine. All which can be applied within about 15 minutes! I find that I feel more confident about myself with just that little bit of a routine, and happy that I’m doing something for me.” –Lauren Hilger from @laurenhilger.

“Take at least 10 minutes for yourself everyday. The first 10 minutes of nap time works well, but whenever it is, make sure you get ‘me time’ everyday.” –Connie Deal from @lessonsandlearningforlittles.


Through friends. This is so important that I even made a separate post on it, which you can find here.

“You have to find time to invest in friendships apart from your kids. Carving out time with your friends, including mom friends, without your kids, has been the most crucial thing for my sanity as a stay-at-home-mom. Online forums and message boards are fine, but real life in-person relationships can’t be substituted, and play dates don’t count. You can’t get to know someone when you’re pausing every 5 seconds to yell at your kids. Hire a babysitter, get your spouse on board, whatever it takes. Just make it happen.” – Emily Neely Torres from coffeemomrepeat.

“Find a mom tribe you can relate with… it’s cheaper than therapy but equally as valuable!” –Nancy Elyse from @the_real_time_mom_blog.


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  • Find a time in each day for yourself.
  • Take a girls trip.
  • Go for a night out in town.
  • Have a glass of wine whilst in the bubble bath.
  • Breathe, laugh, and be completely silly.
  • And don’t ever judge another mom.

What other moms have said:

“When in emergency, you first put the life saving mask on your mouth before you help your children. You need to breathe properly to take care of your loved ones needs. I am not selfish, I am selfless when I care about myself.” –Aesha Shah

“Wake up before the kids get up in the morning so that you can enjoy an hour of calm before the storm. It will center you and keep you proactive instead of reactive” –Stacy Yamaoka Anderson

“Just yesterday I was at the hair salon and someone asked me where I find time to sit in the salon. My favorite response is just like in an airplane. You secure your life jacket and mask first. That’s how I feel about taking care of myself. I can not be the best mom to them if I’m not taking care of myself mentally first and making myself feel good-by exercising, getting my hair done, or whatever ever else it may be.” -Jenn JG

Mothers, it is ok to take care of yourself. Remember that.


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