Support your local downtown. Small shops. Small business owners.

What does it mean to Support Local?

It means supporting a real face, a real story. When you shop small you are bringing someones dream to life. You are giving back to the community.

Why should you shop small?

  • Customer service. One thing about small shops is that the owner is very much involved and makes sure each customer is treated with respect.
  • Community. Whenever I go to a downtown shop I always notice how the owners remember the names of their customers. They have their “regulars.” The atmosphere is filled with joy. The whole shopping trip is an amazing experience.
  • The owner of Mom n’ Tot Box wrote a wonderful post on all the reasons one should support local. You can find the post here: https://momandtotbox.com/blogs/news/why-shop-small.

Small shops have very innovative ideas.

“As a former Kindergarten teacher, I wanted to provide simple learning tools for parents to help them teach their preschool aged little ones the basics. A one stop shop complete Toolkit.” – www.kindergartentoolkit.com

The owners are moms, aunts, brothers, daughters, seeing a need for something and bringing that need to life.

“When I created our Trace-n-Erase chalkboard, it was simply because I thought of something I wanted for my kids but couldn’t find anywhere on the market. They quickly became our biggest and best sellers bc other moms were like, ‘hey, we need those too!’ It’s proof that knowing your market and identifying a real gap in it product-wise works wonders for breaking into the small shop world!” www.chalkfullofdesign.com

If you’re wondering how you can #SupportLocal, read the following.

  • Shop at your local downtown area.
  • If you can’t afford to shop at the moment, you can still support them on social media. If you have friends on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform that owns a business, show them some love by “liking,” commenting, and sharing their post.
  • Attend the events going on in your area.


I had the opportunity of talking to some small shop owners and here is what they had to say…

“I started the business because honestly I got tired of always buying ties from the store and them not being long enough! So one day me and my wife were sitting on the couch and she said ‘since you don’t like Ties on the site, why don’t we make them ourself’ so we did that! After the first tie hit the internet, it has been growing ever since!

People should support local businesses because this is how we keep businesses going!

Everybody that has a major business right now had to start somewhere! If we want to keep small businesses going, we have to support each other so we can push each other! I encourage anybody that wants to start a business, that it will be the best decision you ever made! Financial freedom is GREAT FREEDOM! Face yours fears and just know that hard work does pay off!” – Cedric Pride owner of C.Pride 

“My shop started when I created a gift for a friend after she announced she was adopting. I shared a picture with friends and they all wanted a nest necklace too. I’ve carried that original piece each month by donating to a different adopting family.

I expanded into creating essential oil jewelry because wearing peppermint oil helped me with nausea I experienced in early pregnancies.” – Theknottednest.etsy.com

I started my shop because I was tired of the beeping battery-powered plastic button pushing toys on the market. Most toys that I could find only encouraged mindless consumerism. So I designed travel toys without the noise to encourage independent, purely imaginative play. Kids don’t need more apps, they need more imagination. My 2 young boys help me develop my designs, either through play testing or through dreaming up fun new ideas. Working on projects with them has been my favorite part of this business.” – http://handmadehappinessbyruth.com


“I started my shop as a creative outlet making shoes from leather back in 2014 after my youngest was born, and it grew far beyond what I had intended. I changed it up a bit to better reflect who I am and what I vibe with (kindness, connecting with nature, and all the positive vibes possible), and it’s now like a part of me. We now offer many other leather products and positive graphic tees.” – www.thewildfolkco.com



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