How to Set Goals + Achieve Them

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan back by action makes your dreams come true.

-Greg S. Reid


Ideas are constantly flowing through my head and I never want to lose any of them! There are times I come up with something very creative, that I know is a must to try. So what do I do with that?

  1. Write it down in a journal, on my phone, notepad… just get it written down somewhere and don’t lose it
  2. Figure out my intention for this idea. Is the idea going to help an already existing project or is the idea a project itself?
  3. Make a plan for how I will execute this idea or project. What resources do I need? How will I go about marketing?
  4. Then get to goal setting. 

Everyone sets goals differently. For me, I have to really stay on top of myself. Before I would just write things on a sticky note, lose that note, then forget all about it. Once my daughter came into my life I decided to take control of things and get to accomplishing my dreams! No more throwing things away or passing them off  as no big deal.

Here’s how I handle things now:

(Let’s say my project is to start a blog)

  1. Prioritize each idea. (Research, make social media accounts, build website, and so on…)
  2. Come up with daily, monthly, and yearly goals
    • Daily– For me I like to finish three things a day. (1. Organize room 2. Research how to starts a blog and read other blogs 3. Write a post | Other things I would normally set as daily goals are seined out emails, making or editing a Youtube video, or taking pictures)
    • Monthly– I want to have half or all of a project finished, depending on what it is. I also want to have the results from my daily goals. (Have blog all set up with 10 published post, 1000 Instagram followers, 50-100 daily views, and a marketing plan outside of social media)
    • Yearly– My year goal is typically a few projects finished, end results from daily and monthly goals, and future plans. (Have an established blog site with a lot of traction, large email list, and receive income from blogging | Maybe have plans for another project?)
  3. Stay organized and motivated in order to truly see my goals through.
    • I keep reminders everywhere!!!!
      • My planner holds daily, monthly, and yearly goals along with ideas and notes. I have a large planner that I purchased from Hobby Lobby which I love.
      • The whiteboard in my room is a good size. It is one of the first things you see in my room. I keep a little chart with my monthly end result goals on the left, and to the right I have my daily goals and random things I want to remember to do (maybe it’s a post idea) and I cross it off once I get to it.
      • Below the whiteboard is a wall calendar. This is a larger, more vague version of my hand held planner.
      • Set alarms on my phone of social media post I need to make.

I do all four of these things so no matter which way I turn, I am reminded of what I need to do!

There ya go, how to set goals.

Above I mentioned a couple ways you can keep up with your goals in order to achieve them, but it can take a lot. Some days are easy and some days are hard. It is important to take in to fact that achieving goals takes knowing your passion, being motivated, keeping an organized mind and living space too.

All of these things sort of bounce off of one another.

Remember that success does not come overnight, but the more you do the less you wait.



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