Rileys Birth Story

A year later and I am finally sharing the story of how Riley Blake was born. I decided it was time and it was a must I blog about it because I do not want to forget. When I first had her I constantly ran the day I gave birth in my head and still find myself doing it from time to time. People are right though, you will eventually lose some memory and I want to use my blog as a virtual scrapbook for baby girl.


May 10th.

I was casually sitting at my desk at work, training the new employee as I was close to my due date (May 18th). I believe it was maybe around 3 or 4pm that I started feeling cramps. I didn’t freak out over the cramps because every other time I did, it was nothing. I simply got up and started walking around. I legit could not sit down. I couldn’t sit still, I just kept walking around the office and even stepped outside. When I came back in I googled Braxton hicks. I mean it had been going on for an hour straight, five minutes apart.

Proof above that I even went on Facebook that night (this took like an hour to scroll through btw) to ask my momma friends if this was normal. Even after leaving work and going home, I was still feeling them.


I just knew I would be giving birth that night or the next morning so I began to prepare. During my FaceTime call with Wesley I told him and his family she was getting ready to come. Some believed me and others said “na baby, you just wait.” He was in another state at the time so I was kind of freaking out. I needed him to book his ticket like right then and there.

Morning of May 11th

I hardly slept the night before. It felt like Christmas Eve. Thankfully I already had an appointment scheduled. I believe they were every week at that time. It was for 10am, but the cramping was still going on and getting worse that I went in an hour early. My nurse confirmed that I was dilated, something about my cervix (I forget this part ahhh), and I was more than likely giving birth that very day. Nurses can’t 100% confirm birth times because you literally never know. She told me “I mean you’ve had about four contractions since being in here.” I actually had another contraction in the middle of her saying that. Afterwards I called Wesley and his mom. Wesley said “Well, I’m at work babe. What do I do?” Oh my goodness his reaction was funny. I think he was just shocked and nervous. He did end up leaving work and had an airplane ticket leaving at 5pm.

After my doctors appointment… 

I rushed home, called my mom again for about the fifth time (per usual), and packed my bags. The whole house was brought y’all. After my mom rushed home from work, we left for the hospital about an hour or two after my doctor’s appointment. I thought my water broke… it didn’t. When I arrive at the hospital, they had me lay down. I was told that I was a champ for the way I was handling the contractions. That was until an hour or two later. See, the reason I was doing so good at home is because I had been walking around. Once the nurses made me lay down, it messed me up. Thank God they finally let me get up though. My mom and I must have circled the hospital about 30 times before they checked me again. I was 3 centimeters dilated y’all. Praise Jesus. That meant I finally got to go back into my room. And. And. Annnd get a shot to reduce the pain. Sorry I can’t recall the name of it!

I thought I was going to go natural, but… 

I had experienced the pain laying down and it wasn’t pretty. As soon as they offered medicine I said yes. I was afraid to go through that again. It was cray. I put a video at the very end of this post. It begins with Wesley coming into the room. I wanted to record the whole thing, but a) once I walked into the hospital the idea of recording anything left my mind and b) they wouldn’t let us record MY OWN LABOR EXPERIENCE. All caps because um, what? Any way, I did get to record what I have below.

Yes, Wesley made it in time. 

I forgot to mention that everything that should happen or is supposed to I guess happen before labor day happened to me at the hospital. The very first time they checked my cervix, my mucus plug came out. Then after being 5cm dilated I got the epidural (which I was terrified to get), my water broke. Like right after getting the epidural, things started happening so fast. Most people told me things slowed down and other stories, but never did I hear that things got faster! First, I was scared to get it because you have to be super still and my contractions were right on top of each other. I was nervous that I would accidentally move. I did good though. If you can’t tell, I was a wreck during my pregnancy. People always told me horror stories so my mind was on constant worry. Reasons why everyone and I mean everyone needs to read this post!

Game Time

Got the epidural. Immediately after I ask “Soooo like when do I call you back in here?” She replied with “when you start feeling it in your butt” and I was like “Umm well I already do.” The nurse told me to try to wait a little longer and that’s when my water broke. At this point the fear of Wesley missing the birth of our daughter started setting in again. I was already upset he missed the contractions (only because I needed him to understand the pain ha ha). It was about 30 minutes I think (my timing was off this whole time. I was just in a dazed feeling) after my water broke that Wesley walked in. My dad is the one that picked him up from the airport and I know for a fact that is the very reason he made it in the nick of time. Lets just say ole pops makes sure to get to where he needs to get! Fifteen minutes after Wesley arrived it was time to start pushing. I think I pushed about three times then they asked if I wanted a mirror. I said yes. They brought the mirror out and Riley Blake’s sweet little head was partially out. I could see her hair and it was game time y’all. Right after that mirror came out I pushed one last time and there she was! My very first child. My baby girl. The love of my life.

When I imagined giving birth in my head before this day…

I imagined being full of tears, but I was in shock I didn’t say anything. Nothing came out of my mouth. I just looked blank, slightly confused, with my mouth open. The doctor immediately placed RB on my chest. She cuddled me gently. I was just patiently waiting for the nurses to leave so I could soak up this moment in privacy. I loved my nurses immensely, but for that moment of skin to skin I just wanted to be alone. Me, her, and dada.

Riley Blake

May 12th at 12:16am 

 7 pounds  1 ounce 

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