Riley Blake Turns 6 Months

riley blake

November 12th, 2017 Riley Blake turns six months old! Y’all, that is half a year.

It is truly a blessing to watch a baby grow little by little and step by step. From seeing my daughter start playing with her toys to sitting herself up… my heart explodes with each achievement. One of the biggest reasons I started this blog was to have a digital scrapbook to show baby girl when she gets older and six months is a pretty big deal.

Here’s to Riley bugs first half birthday!

What’s she up to now?

  • She can now hold herself up… with eventually falling over. For about five good minutes she will sit up before falling.
  • Everything is hers! Literally, she wants everything around her. Well, just to eat it really. (Currently pulling my glasses off)
  • “Da-da” is her favorite word ♥
  • Blowing spit bubbles fascinates her.
  • Starting to roll over.
  • Loves to eat her toes.
  • Still hates tummy time, but we still encourage it in hopes she will start crawling soon.
  • Obsessed with milk (holds her own bottle) and even tries to eat my food.
  • Can officially out my hair out. (yay) I think pulling my hair is one of her favorite things to do.
  • Wearing a size nine months in clothing. (chunky monkey) Her thick ole thighs and chubby cheeks have my heart.
  • More beautiful as she gets prettier by the day.


riley blake


How is this momma feeling?

Like my world is complete. Having Riley has totally changed my world, for the better. Life is no longer about me, all my attention has been shifted to her. I am not quite sure how to talk in my normal voice anymore. It’s now baby voice 24/7, but that is fine. I love baby voice haha. My days are spent turning everything into a song, making wild faces and noises, taking pictures, find the cutest outfits, cuddling, laughing,  and non stop “awwwwing.” Don’t get me wrong there is the occasional break down, usually while I’m in the shower. For some reason she does not like when I take showers.


Crazy days.

No make up and messy hair (thanks to Riley pulling it). Getting spit bubbles blown in my face then having her kiss (more like eat) my cheeks. Getting her out of her crib in the morning to cuddle next to me in my bed.

Now those are the days. 

Six Months.

Ya know, time flies. I’ll go into her closet to to pick out an outfit, just to realize it is in the size three months. It sounds silly, but that has been the hardest part. Having to get rid of all the clothes that do not fit her. I still have yet to do it. They are in a box, just waiting to be delivered. How can I bring myself to give away her first outfits? Oh and I should mention I am that mom that cries almost everyday. It is an overwhelming feeling of love, that tears cannot help but fall out.

I cannot truly explain this feeling that I feel. There are times I look at her sweet face and happiness floods me.

I love you to no end Riley Blake.

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