Perspective Goes A Long Way

Believe it or not, we are all one. We are all humans. 

Therefor each of us has a story. a background. bad days. insecurities. emotions.


Imagine this…

You’ve had things happen back to back since waking up this morning. It just isn’t your day. You run into the store to grab a bite to eat real quick. Without realizing it your tone of voice is dull and you aren’t the nicest to the cashier. Would you rather have the cashier continue being nice and wishing you well or have them snap back?

See, you can change someones day. All of us can. 

If the cashier continued being nice or even complimented you, your day would more than likely turn around. Remember what I said in the beginning of this post? We are all the same. We all love compliments. At least something to make us smile or laugh. I remember one day I was working at a restaurant. It was heading into late night and I was extremely focused on getting everyone’s orders that I didn’t even smile. Normally I would grab a conversation out of each person, but we were busy and I wanted to make sure everyone was getting their food. In the midst of getting someones ice cream a customer stopped me and said something to make me laugh. It was special. They pointed out my hard-work and reminded me that even during the hustle and bustle, to remain human. Remain alive. To laugh and have fun. It changed my whole night. The craziest thing I realized about that entire situation is another customer could have easily taken me being laser focused on getting everyone’s order as me being rude. When simply… I just working.

None of us know what is running through someones mind. None of us know what someone is going through. None of us know where someone is headed.

You know that person that just cut you off? Well they’re heading to the hospital with a baby on the way. Not saying cutting you off was right, but understanding perspective will help ease the frustration. At least you’re both still alive.

Oh and I can’t forget about that time you got upset about someone “staring” at you when they just had something on their mind or get this… they were looking at something that was next to you.

That girl is always so quiet and never says much. That’s because “that girl” has social anxiety and doesn’t know what the heck to say.

Ugh this person is calling into your job screaming about a bill, how annoying? When in reality they are struggling financially. It’s rough to take the screaming, but don’t see it as personal attack. It’s them, not you. All you can really do on your end is talk them through it respectfully.

Realize and understand that we are all on our own paths with our own thought process, issues, beliefs, and story.

Next time you find yourself wanting to cuss someone out or yell at them about their opinion, remember you have no idea what may have brought them to this decision. The examples above may seem small, but it’s crazy how much we let others affect our day. This post is to simply remind you of perspective. Perspective in all aspects from someones tone of voice, decisions they make, how they talk, what they wear, how they are raised, etc.

We may be one, but we each have our own voice and story to tell. 

All it really takes is stepping out of your day-to-day routine for a split second to know that the world does not revolve around only you.


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