Oh sweet summer time with PinkBlush

We got our summer dresses on, bare-feet in the grass dancing and singing to country music. Oh, sweet sweet summer time. 


There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel so free- having the sun beam down on me and feeling the wind blow through my hair. This is my first summer with baby girl so I am having all the feels. 


The other day, after we  put our dresses on, we drove up to an open field and went to town- twirling, spinning, and singing at the top of our lungs (ok, it may have been more like crying coming from Riley).


My dress is from Pink Blush, a boutique with “stylish, versatile pieces that can be worn from pregnancy to motherhood!” Florals are something I am fascinated with and have a huge obsession for, meaning I had to get this dress. Besides the color and florals, I also love the length and how it flows. This dress really speaks for itself, but the floppy hat can be a nice add for any summer time activities like the beach, picnic, or farmers market. The feel of earths touch is why I decided to go barefoot for this dancing fiasco, but this dress can totally go with sandals, wedges, or cowboy boots.

The bonding experience we have while I feed Riley Blake is incredible. She just stares into my eyes, making gulp sounds as if it’s the first time she has ever eaten (just like her momma and daddy, food loving’ girl).

Rileys dress… not really sure where it came from. *shrugs* The dress and headband were both gifts given at the baby shower. She really is spoiled already and I don’t plan on changing that. I want nothing but to shower my baby with cute outfits. It is such a fun process picking out her clothes and getting her extra cute. Mommy life really is the best. What’s better than a fabulous momma and even more fab daughter? Best duo I’ve ever seen.


Dress: like2b.uy/shoppinkblush

Photographer:  www.snaptherapyphotography.com


  1. Love Pink Blush, the only store that I could find affordable, on-trend maternity wear when pregnant! Great post and fabulous photos!

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