NYFW: The Shows

New York Fashion Week

“Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future… this is known as Fashion Week.” -Carries Bradshaw

So I gave you the inside scoop on how I prepared for New York Fashion Week, now lets talk about what the week is all about.

The shows. The fashion.



The Shows.

I went to five shows in total. Although I was invited, ticket purchases were necessary.

The ticket system…
  • Standing: Very low chance of getting in.
  • Priority Standing: Ah, you’ll probably make it through.
  • Assigned Seat: You have a seat number so there’s a guarantee.

What went down…

My photographer, Kaitlyn, and I finished our coffees; snapped a couple of photos, and began our route towards the Dan Liu show. We arrived an hour early to catch the scene and decided it was the best option! Lines were already in formation, but thankfully we were still up front. Once the first set of doors opened, everyone began pushing and shoving their way in. Crowds were rushing to receive content for their blog or magazine, while wondering what celebs would be inside. Most of all, we needed to see the fashion. I soaked in every bit of energy simply because it was at an all time high. After given access to the first set of doors, a second set of lines split between ticket types. Assigned seating ticket holders had an advantage due to all-inclusive access to the runway. Once they found their way inside, the priority standing line (me) was  let in shortly after to fulfill remaining filling room, leaving the standing ticket holders at a loss. Kaitlyn unfortunately did not make it in so I have no photos of the clothing, but here is what I do have to say…

Dan Liu

My very first ever fashion show at New York Fashion Week.

I was in awe as I walked in. Immediately after entering, I glanced to my left and saw an enormous crowd filled with cameras. To my right were rows of seating, three on each side of the room to be exact. The front row seats had gifts. Of course my mind wandered to thinking what could possibly be in them and how in the heck can I be sure to get that seat next time.

I found my way to an empty seat on the third row.

As soon as I sat down, the girls next to me introduced themselves, asked if I blog, then for my Instagram. I mingled with the girls for about 10 to 20 minutes when suddenly the lights went dark. My heart started beating fast. I thought to myself, “this is it.” Music filled the speakers, lights slowly came back on, then the first model started making her appearance. Everyone quickly took their phones out for pictures and Snapchat updates. The models each had the same make up. I really loved taking in how Dan Liu chose to style each model outside of his clothes.

To view the show, click here. It was everything I imagined it to be. There were pieces I would wear and some that were just amazing to look at.


It is very neat to see how each designer styled the models from head to toe and the runway. A lot of ways to get creative and express oneself.


Leanne Marshall


Again, I was overwhelmed with the busy atmosphere. Taking in what everyone around me was wearing and chatting it up with the girls next to me in line. Then it happened. My heart started racing as I knew it was show time. I was infatuated with each piece that walked down the runway. Many bright colors that caught my eye.

You can see the full show here.

I wish I could have gone backstage to touch each piece to feel it, grasp the texture and be able to get up close and personal to see how it was cut and sewn. To take it all in, on a different level.

Lisa N. Hoang

Ya know, it really just keeps getting better and better.

This show was at Pier59Studios. All of the other shows I attended were at Skylight Clarkson Sq, the main location for NYFW. I loved Pier59Studios as their was a bar inside and the vibe was amazing. Once finally waking into the show to take my seat, I was thrilled because my photographer got in and we both sat in the front row… with goodie bags! The lights dimmed and music came on. It was time again.

I can truly say this was one of my favorite shows. From the music that was chosen to set the mood, the story behind the line, and the articles of clothing. Each piece was intimate. I appreciate the way the models wore nothing under the clothing. It really made the fashion stand out. The line was something I dream of having in my closet. I know while wearing them I would feel empowered.

Take a look for yourself…


Jarel Zhang


Yep, the most rad line I saw during Fashion Week.

The pieces were so different, but something I would totally wear. I love how fun each piece was!

Overall show experience:

There was this idea that I had in my head for Fashion Week. It was that everyone would be uptight and snooty, but it was the complete opposite.

For more on my overall experience and what I plan to do next time, stay tuned for my next post. I met so many wonderful people that I still stay in touch with and will more than likely meet again.



Photos by www.kaitlynannephoto.com.


  1. wow! amazing shows these were. I was greatly impressed by the New York fashions shows and these all increase my attraction towards fashion. thank you for such an important blog post.

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