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If you read my post To The Person Who Quit College then you know I stopped going to school. But lets talk about that. I have so many feelings about this topic that I thought I would clear them up in a blog post.


College Isn’t For Everyone

I genuinely believe that college, itself, isn’t for everyone. I don’t think we are all meant to go on the same path in life because… we’re all different. We’re unique. Made with a different purpose. Therefore, we should all go about life on the path that is divinely laid out for us versus doing what society tells us.

There Are Benefits To Going To School 

By no means am I saying that education isn’t for those who choose not to go college. Education is for everyone. Taking time to learn and enhance our skill set is very beneficial. I know I personally never want to be unteachable. What I am saying is that college is like high school in the fact that many things taught are generally not what we need for our career. It’s after you get to your major classes that you dive in and thoroughly enjoy the learning process because it’s where your passion lies. When I was in school I found myself stressed out about certain classes that had nothing to do with my major. So, for me I have taken time to focus on classes that are specific to my field of interest. Not necessarily going for a degree, but taking one or two classes that help in my current career choice. I won’t say that I’m never going to get my degree either. Just because it wasn’t in my path right after high school doesn’t mean it won’t be on my path later down the road. Again, we are all different with different timelines, passions, and purpose.

The classes that are required before diving into your major classes aren’t bad, but I think they should be slimmed down to what we really need to know —> verses filling us up with every little detail. teaching us to focus on remembering these details for the sake of passing the test that we’ll forget about hours after taking it. The information goes to waste because it’s nine times out of ten being taught literally just to pass the test. We’re rushing through those classes we don’t care about to get to the ones we do.

Why not slim the starting classes down to what we can actually use in life then move forward to the classes we can use in our career? 


So my view on college is that it’s not a bad thing. There’s benefits to it like…

  • Meeting new people
  • Gaining hobbies by joining clubs
  • Becoming a leader by joining student government or your own club
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone by trying new things
  • Free t-shirts, duh
  • Career advice through asking counselors and going to the career events
  • Finding your purpose through internships
  • And so much more

At the end of the day college is either a) not for you, ever b) not for you right now or c) what you make it. Some people have thoroughly enjoyed there years at college and went off to become very successful. I think it’s honestly just figuring out if it’s for you and once you’ve made that decision, make the most out of it.

Not going to college? 

Have your back up plan and make it worth it. Move towards accomplishing your goals without that piece of paper. Do the dang thing like it’s nobodies business! Show up and show out in your purpose.

Gong to college? 

Great! Take advantage of the resources your school offers. Take this time to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.


Either way, don’t bash anyone for their choice. Just because something worked for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for everyone. We are all on different timing and paths. Also, just because you chose not to get a degree doesn’t mean you can’t at least take a class for your field or get a certificate. Education doesn’t have to be in the form of a four-year school. It’s whatever lies on your path.


should I go to college?

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