My Heart is So Full

Oh baby baby baby, you fill mommas heart up with so much love, joy, and peace.























I never really knew a love like this could exist. I now understand why my parents made the decisions they did. Growing up I thought they were just being strict and were too worried about me all the time- oh, little did I know. I now have a huge appreciation for how my parents raised me- all of their love, attention, and rules. Yes, believe it or not but you will appreciate mommas rules one day.


You are two months old now.

It’s like you just grew overnight. You are now way more alert- staying up most of the day. (momma can finally stare into those big, bright eyes) You are even growing into your little personality and I just cannot get enough. Whenever I talk or sing to you, you talk back and that is like happiness overload for me right there. Do not even get me started on your laugh! Te-he! It is the sweetest thing ever. Your facial expressions from your smirks, rolling your eyes, and big smiles- they all give me life- in those moments I completely understand life.  I love seeing our relationship grow- from the very first time (yep, I knew I would cry at some point while writing this and now is that point) you were in my arms to now. As soon as the nurse laid you on my chest, you just snuggled on up to me as if you knew exactly where you were and had been waiting on that moment just like I had been. (time to get some tissues)


I enjoy soaking up every minute with you.

I often take time to study your cute-sie fingers and toes, smell, and noises you make. One day ~ before I know  it ~ you will be all grown up. I do not want to rush this time. I want to take it all in- every new thing that you do. {I take about 100 pictures and videos a day} I am so happy to have you as my little me, travel buddy, model (obsessed with getting you all dressed), best friend, and the best daughter ever. I am your number one cheerleader! I am here to teach and guide you through every step. Although you are already developing so fast, I am so proud of your growth. I pray for you everyday. I want you to know who you are in Christ and to love yourself wholeheartedly. I pinky promise to be the best mom I can be. I will give you my everything, show you the world and guide through life sweetheart. You complete me.





The softest blanket ever made by Luna Bella Baby Co. Not only am I obsessed with the design, but the fact that it is handmade! There are a ton of styles to choose from. I chose this one because I love floral. My favorite quote even has something to do with flowers {Bloom where you are planted} This blanket has the florals on one side and a plain color on the other side- pink. It is seriously thee softest blanket I have ever felt in my life and so stinking’ adorable!!!


  1. This was so sweet to read!! I know exactly how you feel. They grow up so fast and every day there’s something new. It’s amazing to watch them develop their own little personality and see what they are going to learn next. These moments are so precious, make sure you enjoy every minute of it <3

  2. What a precious blanket and an even more precious baby! I miss the itty bitty stage, but it is so fun watching them grow and develop that big personality!

  3. I miss my son being a new baby! He is my first and only for now, and I don’t Feel like I enjoyed it enough!

  4. Its really a wel written words. Motherhood is really a wonderful experience. The further you go the more you learn. Hope you enjoying this period with your cute baby. She is so cute and adorable. And that blanket is so beautiful

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