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Have you ever found your mind racing with a thousand things at once? My guess is that you have because I sure as heck have been there, done that. Like extra emphasis cause ya girl be stressing sometimes! I believe most of us have had occasions where we overthink. Overthinking can be such a distraction but how the heck do we stop from doing it?!

What Overthinking Has Caused In My Life

When overthinking occurs for me it causes me to freak out. I get super anxious and start to run! I’ll run away from all the things working out for me thinking I’m going to something better. I will stop in my tracks because the thing I’m waiting for hasn’t occurred yet. I’ll put blocks up because of all the what if imaginations playing in mind. I begin to question everything and change the plan up. The craziest thing about overthinking is that it will have me twisting up things and creating whole scenarios that don’t actually exist. It all starts with one thought and that thought begins to flourish and expand in a hundred different ways I forget what’s true anymore.

That first thought can start due to…

  • comparing myself to others
  • fear that I won’t be able to handle it all
  • doubting myself
  • so many other possibilities but it’s up to me to figure it out so I can push through

Once I become aware of the panic I am wholeheartedly faced with a choice: do I stay in this place then fall into self pity or do I pick myself up, remember who I am, and move forward?

I’ll run away from all the things working out for me thinking I’m going to something better.

I’ll overthink myself out of the current blessings and opportunities right in front of my face.

How I Overcome

Here’s the thing, life is a journey and not a destination. Overthinking has happened to me for years and will probably continue to happen but thanks to my awareness I can now overcome it every single time. I do not allow overthinking to control and ruin my life anymore. I took my power back and gained control over my thoughts, my emotions, and my body. I had to consciously choose to get to know myself, who I am, what I want, my place here in the world, and so on. Once I tapped into this journey of exploring who I am I then understood that my thoughts are a mess because I was confused.

I had to…

  • Get grounded
    • To be grounded is to be still, to be at peace, and to feel whole. I went from being on the go non stop to taking time to meditate, journal, make art, spend time in nature, choose foods that fuel me, move my body, soak up in my pleasures, and cater to my feminine side. Grounding activities come in various forms and I really had to find what works best for me personally.
  • Stay solid in my truth
    • After continuously looking at my childhood and doing healing work I began to gain understanding of what exactly my role is here on Earth. I also grasped onto my insecurities and my shadows which helped me realize that confusion was caused by overthinking which was caused by my insecurities, my shadows, and all the things I didn’t know existed from childhood and my overall life until I actually chose to face them. With the new learnings I decided that I had to hold my place. I finally started seeing my worth for simply existing and living. Beyond that, I was seeing that actually hold a piece to the puzzle. I play apart in the world… just like you here reading this!
  • Embrace the unfolding
    • Everything is a process and the more I appreciated each and every step the lighter I became. I now know that if I “fall short” I’m actually still moving forward. I give myself grace and continue to learn so I can keep on growing. I will forever evaluate my thoughts and how I’m showing up for situations. The relationship with myself won’t ever end. There will be a thousand unfoldings but if I can accept that then I essentially am accepting life.

So, when overthinking occurs I do a switcharoo boo, okuuuur!

I take a deep breathe in and release. I switch my mind from panic to here. In the present moment, I awaken my body and I allow myself to get to the bottom of it all. I take notice of what thoughts are coming up and from there I sit with each one. When I am with myself I will have an inner dialogue just like I would with a friend. I really sit down and start to unravel every emotion and feeling so I can figure out where the overthinking is stemming from. Maybe my overthinking is my fear but I won’t know that unless I become aware.

Overthinking has had me missing out on the blessings right in front of my face.

I truly believe it’s a way to come in and confuse something that’s already so beautiful and working out just fine. I know that I don’t always have to have the answers to everything to live life to the fullest, therefor, I don’t let overthinking take over (at least not anymore). Instead, I allow it to fuel me by teaching me more about myself so I can show up fuller, deeper, and lighter.

Thanks to my past experiences and the work I’ve put in I now swerve overthinking a little better but it takes work. It takes constant checking in. It takes having a therapy session with myself. It takes knowing who I am. It takes work for sure! Work that is beyond worth it. I am at peace and I am content after years of confusion and feeling lost. Again, confusion and feeling lost will still pop up in my future but I’ve worked on my inner knowing muscles enough to keep on pushing through.

I hold the power and I know I am capable! 


I don’t have to run from my thoughts because I am not scared of how I feel. I move through my thoughts and embrace my emotions.

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