Madi Moon

“When I am in the flow of creation, I get lost in time… like time no longer exists and it’s just me here in this moment. It’s pure bliss and love when I’m in alignment with my passion.”




SERVICES: Custom paintings and jewelry, self-care guides, and more!

LOCATION: Frederick, Maryland

Madi is a psychedelic artist and self-love enthusiast who sells paintings and pendants at local shops around Downtown Frederick. She also has a “Guide To A Goddess Mindset” journal on her Etsy shop for sale and even takes custom orders through Instagram.

“I am full of many passions such as painting, traveling, and yoga. I know my purpose here on this earth is to connect with and spread love to all those around me by sharing my experiences visually through my art.  This is why I have decided to make the transition to living in a bus full time! I plan on traveling around the country, sharing my art and love with the world while living tiny.”

How long have you been doing this and when did you start?

I was always a visual person since I was little, I would doodle in class and draw on myself and I would always get I trouble in school for not paying attention because I was drawing. I really started finding my style in high school and my skills just developed from there as I sank deeper and deeper into my element. It wasn’t until I took an art class in college where I really started to view my art in a whole new light and that’s where I really fell in love with it!


Never give up on your dreams. You have more power than you think, if you change your mindset to align with the reality you wish to have, you’re golden💛 and always always do everything out of pure love

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