How I Made $2,000 In Two Months Of Blogging

A little background information on how I even got into blogging.

Around 2015 I decided I wanted a place to display my thoughts. The whole point was to spread love and completely just for fun. I had built a site before so that was easy for me. The blog lasted maybe about a month? This time around, in May of 2017, I decided to blog again with more than fun in mind.

  • Connect and learn with other mothers. I just had a baby! Things change a whole lot when a child comes into the picture. One of those things happened to be the friends I had so I wanted a place to be able to chat with other women who understand.
  • Continue spreading love. My mission is still and will always be to spread love. I want people to instantly feel happy when they come to my website. There is a genuine love that I have for people and want that to be felt.
  • Encourage and uplift people. Encouragement to go after dreams and uplifting during the times our plan doesn’t work out.
  • Build a career. Blogging is a platform that can be tied into so much more. Not only that, who doesn’t want to get paid whilst being able to be at home with their newborn? I can finally use my creative talents and it feels amazing.

With that being said, I am sharing this income report with you in hopes you take advantage.

I mean reading other bloggers income reports is partially how I got to where I am. It gave me insight on what I can do and was also a huge motivation. Very thankful to those who have been open.



Below you will find the timeline of my blogging journey. Some stuff was backwards and should have been done in a different order, but at least I put myself out there and that is exactly how I learned. Sometimes we have to just do it.

June + July

    1. Built my website. This was a trial and error thing as I originally started hosting with moon fruit. I soon realized through Facebook groups and blog post that I need to find a new host. I needed to be with a host that offered 24/7 help and gave me freedom. Freedom allows me to have total control to do what I want with my blog.

Web Hosting

Site ground gives me the chance to monetize and have complete ownership of my site. Site ground is my host, but WordPress is what I use to set my site up and design it. WordPress offers plug ins for everything making it super easy to do what I need and want.

2. Set up all my social media platforms. (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Business Page, Youtube, and Instagram)

3. Researched. I did a ton of reading through Facebook group post, blog post, and e-courses.


  1. Invested in a theme for my blog site and professional photographer.
  2. Made a media kit. A media kit is like a blog resume that gives my stats, what my blog is about, companies I have worked with, etc.
  3. Contacted brands for collaboration and earned many free products.

September + October (when the money was made)

  1. Purchased a logo. If you are on a tight budget, like myself, Etsy has some very reasonable priced logos. You can also checkout Fiverr.
  2. Signed up for networks: Social Fabric, Linqia, Revfluence, Octoly, Influenster
  3. Applied for affiliate programs: ShopStyle, Reward Style, ShareASale, Amazon
  4. Began Virtual Assisting.
  5. Started a blogger meet up.
  6. Began a community and coaching through my own Facebook group.
  7. Launched an e-course.

The money started coming in September from the networks and affiliate links. The main ones have been: Social Fabric, Linqia, Revfluence, and ShopStyle. I have also made a huge chunk of money from Virtual Assisting. I also grew my social media and it still grows daily.

From 5,000 Instagram Followers to 23,000 in six months. | From no Twitter account to 2,000 followers in three months.


The Thing About Blogging

Blogging can take you anywhere. Literally there are so many places it can take you so think outside the box.

You can offer services: 
  • Emailing Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Photography
  • Styling
You can sell a product: 
  • Paintings
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Calligraphy
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing (Handmade by yourself or start wholesaling)
  • Become an indecent consultant (Thirty One, Lipsense, Nuskin, Etc.)


My tips to you:

  • BUILD YOUR BRAND: Have a professional site, logo, nice photos, and a message that you speak within everything you post on your blog and social media.
  • Never forget your why.
  • Post regularly: Weekly to the blog, daily to social media.
  • Apply to networks: Not just one, all of them. You never know where opportunity may lie.
  • Be creative in how and what you market.
  • Build your traffic with SEO tactics and evergreen content.
  • Grow your social media following.

If you are wanting more help, I have an program that not only has everything laid out for you but also provides you with three coaching calls and more. Feel free to join my free Facebook group as well.





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