Love Yourself Series

Love Yourself.


After being involved in a toxic relationship and hitting rock bottom, I decided it was time…

Time to go soul-searching. 

I had given every piece of who I was to someone else. I gave them all of my secrets, fears, morals… everything. After it was all said and done, I didn’t even know who I was anymore. Dreams? Passions? Goals? Friends? All gone.







One day I chose to pick me. Pick me to focus on. Pick me to take care of. Pick me to give my all to. Pick me to put first. Pick me to love. 








The journey to rediscovery was scary and intimidating. I tried just about everything. Eventually, I found different activities that worked. They have stuck with me to this day and helped me to find myself again. These things have taught me to continuously love myself through everything. Even through the times of depression.

I was finally finding myself again. I picked me and have not looked back since. 

This series consists of balance. Balance between emotions, finances, beliefs, and overall health,  ♥



Emotional Well-beingPhysical Well-being | Financial Well-being | Spiritual Well-being

Click the above links for more on my journey to self-love. Feel free to comment your story or experience.

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  1. The journey to self-discovery can definetly be scary and lonely sometimes. Glad you were able to find yourself on the other side. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is beautiful Kayla! I am SO happy to hear that you made the right decision in loving yourself first. I’ve opened all three posts in new tabs and I’m going to read them now…

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