Love Yourself Campaign


I put this Love Yourself Campaign together in hopes to push people in the right direction to loving themselves. Growing up I went through a situation, as most of us do, that tore me up. From that I had to pick myself back up. There were certain things that helped me then and still do to this day. I think we can love ourselves all day long, but still have moments of time where it becomes hard. So I came up with post to help not only myself, but others to get refocused and back on track.  For me, once I have fully gotten on track, I feel and look amazing. Loving yourself is the key to a happy life. It also brings  balance in every area of life.

  1. Emotional

    Being comfortable in your own skin. Knowing who you are. Taking in everything to be self aware. In this lies boundaries, morals, sense of self, not caring what others think, and being 100% you.

  2. Physical

    Taking care of your diet and physical strength is important. We can become what we eat! It can affect our moods and ability to get up off our butts.

  3. Financial

    Money is something that is needed, but how can we keep up with? Savings and proper spending are just as important. *hardest one for me*

  4. Spiritual

    Belive in something.

You can read my Love Yourself Series that takes you through each of the following subjects, or go straight to whichever one interest you most by directly clicking on the image. Each one consist of my story and what has helped me, in hopes to help you.



You can also read the self care post from the blog here.



As I mentioned, it is important to refocus. I set up a theme for each day of the weeks in hope you all will take one week out of each month to refocus.

Motivated Monday

Tacky Tuesday

Wellness Wednesday

Try It Thursday

Fun Friday

Stylish Saturday

Just Chill Sunday


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