Love Yo’self

I keep finding myself in this same place. A place where I am at a loss. I have consumed myself with what everyone around me is doing. My mind is filled with all of the things I “should” write and the way I “should” take pictures.

but why?


After a few days of putting work to the side (more like a few weeks) out of not knowing what the heck to do next. It hits me. I realized that I let the comparison game of society’s tornado swirl right into me. With no time to find shelter, I was sucked right up.


I know you’re wondering


why I continue to talk about things like this. and for this very reason, is why I bring attention to it.

self-awareness has saved me time and time again.

loving myself as I am. for who I am. where I came from. the stretch marks. the silliness. the big, curly hair that is a nightmare to take care of. the passion to help others. the social anxiety. the mistakes. the regrets. the depression. loving all of who I am is being all of who I am.


being me without

worry of what others think. trying to fit in. trying to be the perfect blogger. trying to have a certain amount of followers. making sure I write post that attract people.


but being me

for who I am. I came here to love, inspire, and connect. My passion is to meet people. Truly meet and get to know people. My passion is travel and seeing the world. Travel is my therapy and I want others to travel as well. I want people to step out of their comfort zones and live a little. My passion is to inspire people to live their passion and love themselves.


So don’t worry. if you haven’t found your “place.” I like to think of it as growing and experiencing. I am thankful for each experience I have gone through. The experiences have taught me more about myself and led me to my next chapters in life. Life has no rules. I do not care what society tells you. There is no set way to go about living your life.


If you don’t want to go to college, don’t.

If you want to blog once a month, blog once a freaking month honey.

If you don’t want to have kids, don’t.

If you decide to go to college later in life, enjoy it.

If you have a certain style that isn’t on trend, WEAR IT ANYWAY.

If you aren’t married yet, travel.

If you deal with depression, don’t bottle it in.


Just be you. Unapologetically, you. All of you. Embrace those flaws baby. Be confident. Take action. Look straight ahead.

Love yo’self.


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