Living My Passion

So it is really happening. I really put myself out here on a whim of faith not only in God, but in myself. I have always preached to people that they should follow their hearts desires and live their passions all while I was sitting up, working a job I hated. How can I preach on something I am not doing myself? (and lets be real, we have all done it before)

Here’s to no longer talking about it, but being about it.

I mean now is pretty much the perfect time to make my blog come to life because I have my 8 week old daughter I get to stay at home with. To own my own business, have a blog/vlog, and stay at home with my baby girl were my three dreams. Slowly, but surely they are coming true. What I have learned is that when it comes to pursuing my passions, what I put into it is exactly what I will get out of it. How can I expect great things to happen if I am doing the bare minimum? The more I do, the less I wait. Here is what has helped me get my stuff together so far (I am still learning everyday):

  • Finding motivation= my daughter
  • Making a habit of accomplishing at least one thing in particular, everyday
  • Buying a large calendar for my room and small one for my purse to plan things out and set goals
  • Setting reminders on my phone
  • De-cluttering (Clean room, clean space, clean mind)
  • Getting involved= meeting people in my niche, reaching out to friends family and other business owners
  • Staying inspired= getting involved helps a lot with this because when I am around or in contact with people in my niche, they share their stories and their tips. It is constantly on my mind because I stay involved. Also, when reaching out to family and friends I then make sales which definitely inspiring because it shows me that I can do this.
  • Taking advantage of how big social media is now= joining Facebook groups (yay for free marketing and classes)

I told myself I was no longer going to make excuses.

If I procrastinate or never push myself out of my comfort zone then there is no one else to blame but myself. It all goes back to, what I put into this is exactly what I will get out of it. Wondering what ‘this’ is… well not only have I started blogging but I also sell different products. Direct sales has been so amazing for me. Growing up, I always thought of owning a business- starting one can be very expensive though. The reason I wanted my own business was because I am infatuated with coming up with new ideas. I love buildings things from start up and having my own creative style. Since it is expensive to start a business, I decided to try out direct sales. I mean why not? It’s a low cost all while being able to still express myself creatively from the way I run my Facebook page and the kind of sales I run to how I decorate my business cards and graphics.

I will be 100% real with you in saying that it is not easy.

I really did imagine that I would jump right into this and reap great rewards, but success does not just happen over night. There are days, weeks, and even months that are slow for me but I have to be reminded of my end goal (reason why it is important to stay motivated). Also, I have to reevaluate what I am doing every so often- am I mixing things up or doing the same ole things? I have to continuously stay motivated and inspired. Of course, I give myself breaks but for the most part I am working my booty off. I am no longer working for just myself, but I have the most beautiful little girl who is going to look up to me and I want to show her that she really can do anything she puts her mind too. I just have to make it happen- it is all up to me! Seriously though, celebs started somewhere- think about it. There really is no excuse.

I know I just started my blog, but I am serious about making this happen!






  1. Yes, we always get what we put in… and there is no fun in life if you are not doing what you love… keep going, this is the beginning of everything you want.. you simply have to believe that it is possible to get what you want…congrats on your new beginning and having a baby girl… <3 ||

  2. Setting goals is complicated. It does sound that you’re fully committed. I wish you well! A happy time for you. A new baby and a new business.

  3. Living my passion – love this! Living your passion is definitely a long and difficult journey though! I find that often you end up pushing against what is normal, and that causes struggle, but keep pushing through!

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