Let The Music Take Control

Oooh, that flow just filled my soul. As soon the music hit, I was instantly dancing. I just love how music can take control over my body, my mood, my senses.


I get lost into each sound. Each instrument. And just jam out.

Forgetting about everything else, I just ride out.

Find Your Genre

Get Hip 

Let The Music Take Control

Ah, how good it feels to find new sound. I spend hours on end bumping the same song. In the shower. In the car. In the gym. Everywhere. It calms me down through anxiety attacks. It puts me in better moods.

Oooh, just let the music take control. 

Mhm, bob your head. 

Twirl Around. 

Just feel the music. Who cares who’s around. Feel free. Dance away.

Music can be so therapeutic. From creating it to listening to it. Take time to truly grasp on to the waves of sound and let it fill you up. Spend an hour a day letting it take you away. Maybe it’s while you’re cleaning. Before bed. In the morning.

Listen Live

Nothing like live music. It takes the listening experience to a whole new level. Be sure to go out and support the local artist in different areas too, not just the big names. It’s amazing the talent that lies within a small town. Always support local!

Don’t be scared. 

Dance in the rain. Sing at the top of your lungs. Beat box. Bang on the trash cans. Just have fun with it. Life is too short to be any other way. Let music bring you to life.  


Find what genre pulls you in and vibe out. Any and everywhere. 

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