What I’ve Learned From Loving Myself

  1. My abilities. The true reason I was meant to be on this Earth, not the one I made up in my mind from the people I shouldn’t have been hanging around. When I found myself and chose to love who I am I also chose to see me for who I was without fear. Fearless of what others think and fearless of failure.
  2. Life isn’t as bad as it seems. Once I began to love myself I started to understand the power that I have. Through self-awareness I started to break down why and how. Which then gave me the capability to stop doing what was taking me backwards and start doing the things that brought me forward.
  3. Freedom. I’m only held captive to things I let hold me down. Mean words, bad addictions, negative energy. These things will only have a place in my mind and body if I let them. And if I’m loving myself I’m not letting them inside. I’m free of anything that does not serve me, grow me, or love me. I’m going to only accept good things and I’m only going to give goodness. 
  4. Me loving me is me loving you. When I’m not loving myself, I’m not loving those closest to me. If I really love my family and friends, then I’ll be sure to love me. Love me by taking care of me. When I’m taken care of I have an indescribable high off life. I’m genuinely happy and where I’m meant to be. My good vibes are felt. Whereas if I’m not taking care of myself, I tend to be unhappy, bitter, angry, and just not the best person to be around because something is missing- the self-love.
  5. Balance is needed. When it comes to loving myself I’m loving every area of my life. Financially, spiritually, physically, emotional, all around.  I take responsibility and give time to each thing that affects who I am as a person.
  6. I’m an overall dope person. Before I was insecure, but now I have confidence. I know I’m beautiful inside and out.



and you should too. 


Photos taken by Leigh Anne Brader.


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