I Ran Out Of Gas On The Side Of The Road

On my personal Facebook page I’m constantly sharing my successful news.

“I just got a partnership with x brand”

“OMG! I’m now offering lash extensions and I’m located in the prettiest salon in town.”

and so on, so forth.


What I don’t want to do is mislead anyone into thinking that life is always groovy. Shit is tough.

Entrepreneurship is something I was determined to go after since high school. I honestly thought it would be an easy, smooth ride to all the riches. A big fat LOL to that because that is not the case.


Last night I was broker than broke. With 15 cents to my name and no gas in my tank… on the side of the road. Thankfully my family came through. That was a struggle for me in itself as well. Who wants to be struggling financially? No one. Much less do I want to ask for help. In my mind I’m 22 and everything should be perfect. I should be giving my family money at this point.. not them still helping me out.

“Kayla, we are family.” The words that came out of everyone’s mouth as I cried in shame. They reminded me that everyone struggles and that they will always have my back. Stories on stories were followed by this on the times they’ve faced financial stress themselves.

As I made my way back home I felt as if there were a devil on one side of my shoulders and an angel on the other. 

The devil was filling my head up of all my failures and telling me to give up. Push everyone away. God, myself, family, and everyone. I was torn between disregarding my worth and everything I’ve worked for to this point to playing worship music, thanking God for bringing me to this place as a learning lesson, and realizing that my time is coming.


I turned on my favorite worship songs. Praised God. Thanked Him. And went back into my regularly scheduled show of working hard and staying motivated.

I was this close to turning around, again. To letting a situation get the best of me. But I decided no more and I also decided I gotta keep it real up in here. I don’t want y’all thinking that the life I chose is always rainbows and unicorns. Because guess what? Unicorns poop too. Seriously though, it’s awesome that I can make my own schedule and be my own boss but with everything in life there’s work that I have to put in.


  1. We all mess up. Whatever is trying to pull you down right now, STOP IT. Pull yourself back up. Gain your confidence. Find inspiration. And do the damn thing.
  2. Please understand that I am human. I’m just like everyone else. It’s how we choose to let our circumstances affect us, not the circumstance itself.

Now, how the heck does one get their ish together? 

  • NEVER GIVE UP. I’m still here wholeheartedly chasing my dreams and living my passion. Entrepreneurship is what makes me happy. It feeds my soul.
  • Love yourself. Choosing to love yourself is choosing to know your worth, be self-aware, and do what’s best for you.
  • Read. I highly recommend You Are A Badass and Unf*ck Yourself.
  • You are the company you keep. Hang around people who are at the place you want to be, or are trying to be.
  • Inspiration. Travel, go to an event, blast your music, and do whatever it takes to get inspired.
  • Vision. Stay focused on your goals by making a vision board, getting an accountability partner, and whatever you need to do.
  • DO IT!


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