I Know I Got This, But Right Now It Seems Like I Don’t

If there’s anything I’ve learned about hardships it’s that they’re a test. They just mean a) something big is coming or b) just simply reminding you life doesn’t always come easy.

I’m normally a super happy and positive person, but for the last year or two, I’ve been miserable. When something bad happens, I sulk in self-pity. I’ve locked myself away in the house, put off my chores, and thought non stop about everything that’s going wrong in my life.

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Let me just give you some background info for a sec.

I’ve wanted to own a business since middle school- yet to have one though. In fact, I’ve been broke.

I want to be married, yet my relationship has been rocky.

But it’s all about mindset. 

If I want something (to own a business) I have to go after it. Not just start it up and get all hype, but continue making it happen when everything seems to be falling apart. Businesses aren’t made overnight and they don’t just grow out of nowhere. And honestly, why am I focusing on the business ideas that haven’t worked for me, when I have a bangin’ blog?! I completely dismiss the hard work I’ve put in for the past year over what hasn’t worked out.

How in the world can I expect a man out of someone when I’m not being a woman myself? This is the depth of what’s been rocky in my relationship. I’m really just putting this out there to prove that it’s all about mindset and action, but if you want to read further on about being a woman for your man read here.


-> From I don’t and probably will never to I do have a business. I am the creator and owner of Kayla Dene’ Blogs. My blog is successful and will continue to be so depending on the work I’m willing to put in throughout each season.

-> From I want to be married to declaring that I am a woman of God and will be that to my significant other.

Once the mindset thing hit I started practicing it, but I can’t lie and say it’s been easy. It’s an everyday battle.

I want to leave you with some motivation to take home. 

It’s completely up to you and how bad you want it. Do you want happiness, peace, success, and growth? Then get it already. DO THE DAMN THING by golly. I’m preaching to both you and me here. I’m sick and tired of being sick tired so much so that I started an accountability Facebook group.

  • Listen to podcast
  • Read books
  • Do something every day towards bettering yourself
  • Shift your mindset
  • Clean out your circle of friends
  • Post mantras everywhere
  • Set alarms on your phone with motivational quotes throughout the day
  • Don’t give into the next “big and pretty thing”

Don’t give into the next “big and pretty thing” 

See I moved earlier this year and my blog was really taking off and making me money, but something shiny was in my face. I took that something shiny and paused on my blog to make it work. Well, it didn’t work. My point is to keep pushing and going after what your current passion is. Don’t try to take on every next big thing.

Focus, fine tune, and don’t give up when things get tough. Most importantly stay passionate in your passion.  

And remember that it won’t always feel like you got it but you can’t feed into that. Stay persistent and consistent. This morning I made a status saying I don’t know how much longer I can stay in this place of “breakthrough.” Then I remembered “identity before activity.” God is currently working on my mind, my heart, my soul, and everything else. He’s pushing me to know who I am through Him and that’s my focus before anything else. My blessing will come so that’s what I need to keep at the center of my mind, not what isn’t currently going in my favor. Again, it’s not easy. For that, I practice things that will lift me up when I am down.

Appreciate your emotions. Be thankful in every season.




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