How to Start a Blog

KaylaDene’ Blogs was born in June of 2017. With much success and way more to come, I have been slammed with the question…

“How did you start?”



Background Info:

I have dipped into blogging several times. While I was pregnant I thought about starting again since I planned on staying at home with my daughter. The blog would not only be fun for me, but also an electronic scrapbook, or journal for baby girl and I to read when she gets older.

First steps:

  1. Figure out your niche.

    My blog is about overall lifestyle. I talk about several different things, but with each post I have, you will get at least one of the following messages- to love yourself or to live your passion. These are my two mottos and when coming to my site, you will grasp one of the two.

  2. Build a website.
    Find a blog platform and host.

    When I first started years ago, I tried WIX. This time around I started with using Moonfruit, a site I’m sure you haven’t heard of. Two to three weeks into blogging I changed to WordPress. Building the website came with a lot of trial and error. So, I really want to express the fact that I love WordPress. There’s a ton of information that goes into website building that you want to read up on before truly publishing or marketing your site. You want your site to look professional and to be search engine compatible. This was something I learned after reading through a fellow bloggers post. Lauren Duclos and Maya Maceka have both been very helpful. If you click on their names it will lead you to the blog post they wrote, that helped me most. Web HostingThere are two versions of WordPress, .com or .org. Basically one is free and one you pay for through self hosting. Self hosting is you really owning your website. When you self host you will have the ability to monetize your blog. You will have full control while going the free route gives you limitations. Also, with the free WordPress site, it’s your To me, I think that looks unprofessional. I like to have my along with  my own email address. My site is and email I self host through Siteground. Their customer service is outstanding. They are available 24/7 and also did everything for me when I needed to switch over. It is also at a very good price, the cheapest I have ever paid yet the best self host I have dealt with. It is only $3.95 a month with my link!

    Come up with a name. 

    Some people come up with very creative names that tie into their theme or they just use their own name, like I did. Whatever you choose, keep it simple. You want people to remember it and for it to be easy to type, not a long drawn out thing. Once you choose a name, make sure your linked social media accounts have the same name. This makes it super easy to find you!

  3. Set a schedule.

    Plan on when you want to publish your blog post. Right now my post are somewhat at random, but always three times a week. Eventually my post will come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You want people to know when to check your site out for new stuff!

  4. Invest.

    Originally I wasn’t wanting to spend any money, but just like any other business it takes money to make money. You really have to invest in yourself. You can invest a little or a lot, depending on how far you want to take things and how fast!


    $3.95 a month.


    I also paid for a WordPress theme, which cost $51. I use a photographer, which will vary for each of you depending on if you have a friend or boyfriend who can take photos for you, your location, and the level of the photographer. Don’t feel as if you need to hire someone right off the bat. You can totally take advantage of your phone and all the nice photo editing apps that come along with it. The main thing is showing who you really are through your photos. For me, I want each photo to speak life and my photographer is amazing at making that happen! Also, photo shoots are super fun!

           – Marketing:

This is something you must do. Market your blog everywhere– social media channels, word of mouth, flyers, etc. I run Facebook and Instagram ads  that I set to whichever budget I can afford at the time. I also focus on building a following on my social media platforms. I mean the more followers, the more opportunity of getting people to view my blog. Social media is a whole different ball game. Each platform has it’s own set of tips n’ tricks.

          – Coach:

If you are struggling or you just need someone to push and guide you, hire a coach! There are many things that go into blogging. What you put into it, just like anything else, is what you will get out of it. If you want this to be a full time career, do all of your research and find help. I offer coaching services to get you on your feet and/or motivate you to keep up with things! You can find out more, here. Outside of hiring a coach or virtual assistant, there are also resource groups like Style Collective that are filled with so many helpful tips. Style Collective is one of my favorites because it is jam packed with info. There are also opportunities to meet other bloggers, attend fashion week, and it also comes with the cutest stock photos!

Be sure to take advantage of the free things around you as well, like Facebook groups. This is where I seriously got all of my help and information when I started. I created one and you can join here.

I think I have filled you in on so much information already!

Let’s recap:

  • To get started you want to figure out what you want to blog about or the theme of your post.
  • Build your website and social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and business Facebook page) in a way that it can make you money.
  • Invest in your blog through taking nice photos/videos, marketing yourself, and resources!

Did I miss something?

If there is something you I didn’t touch on or you want me to focus more on, let me know. Comment on this post or shoot me and email at!

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