Planning To Achieve Your Goals

Ok so I’ve made post on kicking your end of the year goals in the butt, how to chase your dreams, and how to set your goals and achieve them. All which include the importance of using a planner. For that, I decided to make a whole post dedicated on planning.


In this post you will find steps to take to guide you through planning in a way that makes sure you accomplish your goals.

  1. Know your goals. I always had goals, but normally kept them in mind leaving be to be scattered brain. My goals change leaving my without one main focus. I finally decided to get a planner and write my goals down. Writing them down helped me strategically go about accomplishing them. Make sure you know what you want first. If you’re not sure this post is a great read.
  2. Set up your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Yep, set those goals baby! Having your yearly goal helps with making sure all of our actions are aligning towards that goal being accomplished. The daily goal goes towards your weekly focus, weekly to the monthly focus, and all of those to your yearly. Make sense?


Let’s dig a little a deeper.

Each day write down: The steps you need to take in that day for you to hit your weekly goal. Will you attend networking events? Watch a motivational video on YouTube? Clean your room? Your daily goals are detailed plans.  | REVIEW | At the end of each day, review to see how affective your planning went. If you procrastinated, how can you stay motivated and energized the next day?

Each week write down: What you want done by the end of the week. What should your daily task lead you too by the end of the week? | REVIEW | Make sure your weekly goals and progress are adding up to your monthly.

Each month write down: What goals should have been hit. How many sales should you make? How many websites view should you get? | REVIEW | Once you hit the end of the month, review it to see how things went then plan your next month accordingly to ensure you hit your goals next month.

End year write down: Your long term goals. These are usually your biggest goals like starting a business. | REVIEW | Did you start your business? How was the long launch? If it wasn’t successful, did you take the proper steps to make it great?



You should have your personal, business, spiritual… every single goal needs to be known.

If it’s easier for you, have a planner for each category. One for your career, personal life (self care, relations, etc), spiritual, and so on.

Design process: 

For some, designing your planner helps to focus. Who doesn’t like looking at a pretty planner they colored?

  • Color coding with highlighters
  • Stickers
  • Sticky notes

Planning tips: 

  • Rather than doing 500 things a day, use resources that will open up your time. For example if your job consist of using social media, use a social media scheduler to plan your post at a week or months time.
  • You should check your planner every day to make you stayed on track. Ask yourself if anything needs shifting and take note of how close you are to that end of year goal you set.



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  1. Awesome post!
    My 2018 goal… hm. I feel like I have a lot. Haha

    I think one of my biggest goals is to successfully create a powerful online community of supporters while also reaching my 100k mark in business. 🙂

  2. I am dealing postpone everything, at the end of the day everthing getting crazier than before. So I hope to break the chain in 2018 with a goal planner! If I won that is gonna be awesome!! 🙂

  3. My 2018 goal is to get pregnant. I know to some it’s easy but for my husband and I we have been having trouble conceiving. I found out I wasn’t ovulating and just started taking medicine for it. So 2018 is cleaning up my life, being more organic, healthier and focused on making a family. Plus more active at our church, I watch two kids now and babysit once in a while two other kids and would love to start blogging about my experience. 2018 is going to be great ?

  4. This planner is so stinkin cute!
    Being in the military it would make organizing my appointments and task so much easier!
    A goal of mine for 2018 is travel and be more adventurous while I’m stationed over seas

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