So, I’ve been doing this blog thing for a hot minute and I’ve been wanting to own a business for an even longer minute.

While I was having success in my blog I hit a point where I wanted to uplevel. I wanted to take this thing seriously and turn my blog into a badass business. 
  1. Hiring a coach helped me get my thoughts clear and take action in a strategic way so I could leave room for the fun stuff in my business.
  2. Hiring a coach helped me gain confidence in my blog and see myself as a CEO. As Kinzie from Kinzco World would say.
  3. Hiring a coach showed me that I could do this and that even coaches need coaches. My coach reminded me of what I’m capable of and the magic I have on the inside.

That’s my take on having a coach. I firmly believe even coaches need coaches!

Take a listen to this podcast episode to hear how my clients have felt hiring a coach and their experience in working with me.


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