Branding yourself isn’t just for those building a business. Branding can be for everyone.

  • The server at your local restaurant.
  • The salesman at that one car dealership.
  • The makeup artist at the beauty counter at Nordstrom’s.
  • The manager at your favorite boutique.
  • And yes, the freelancers and business owners too.

When you brand yourself you showcase who you are. I can’t begin to tell you the number of job offers I’ve received from having my blog. Not just from jobs I’ve applied for but from jobs I didn’t even ask about! I represent myself online and in person in a way that makes people want me in their space. They feel my passion and are drawn in by the way I carry myself.


Branding myself has allowed me to create my own opportunities.


  • Having a website makes me stick out and everything on my website acts as a resume. I show that I take my expertise serious.
  • Having a brand that I’ve spent a lot of time building and continue to build shows my passion for working.
  • Having a space that shows my knowledge allows me to create my own jobs. I may go in to apply for a front desk position at a gym but could leave being their motivational speaker. The speaker that host all the events to talk about mindset and helping people mentally prepare for hitting their physical goals. This is just one small example but my point is, whatever you have knowledge in, you can brand and with that create whatever job you want for yourself.

How are you marketing yourself? How are you putting yourself out there? 

Creating a blog and a brand puts you out there. It puts you out there in a creative way that’s unique to you. From the way you structure your website to your voice in your post to the types of pictures, you take to the videos you capture. You have the world at your fingertips with the online space… so, how are you putting yourself out there?

Let’s be real. Everything is saturated but how can you stand apart? What makes you different? What can you bring to the table? 


Most people have a resume typed up in a Word doc but you?


You have a portfolio within your website and social media post.

You create your own opportunities.

You brand yourself so authentically.

You take yourself and your expertise seriosuly.  


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