How Blogging Changed My Life

I started being real and in turn, healed myself while inspiring others.

I’ve always been a pretty open person. I’m never worried about what others may think. I might worry at first, but I end up just shrugging it off and keeping it pushing. I know and love myself too much to get involved in the thoughts of what others think. And I feel we are all human. What is oversharing? We all go through the same stuff yo. Literally. Why do we feel this need to put on a front? Ugh, I personally am just not with it. But that’s me. And maybe I was built this way to be a voice. To speak up and speak out. To help others. To encourage the world to speak their truth.

When I realized that my oversharing could be used to benefit others I knew I was on to something.

So I began to pour my heart out on my blog. My focus was to let others know they aren’t alone, but I soon realized after sharing so openly that I was changing my life.

Many times we hold things in. Maybe we don’t have the words for it yet or we feel we can’t turn to anyone or we’re just downright nervous. But I was holding myself accountable to show up for my readers so I posted anyway. Even when I didn’t have the words or was downright nervous I posted anyway. That, in turn, helped me release. I no longer had anything I was holding onto. And if you know me, you know I have to let it out. I am a communicator by nature. I like to put it out there. It helps me let go.


My blog became my journal. My blog turned into a safe place. My blog started a movement. 

I began releasing what no longer served me. Through this I gained understanding, a wide perspective, and began expanding myself to see who I really am. My post even became journal entries for me to look back on. They became my higherself speaking to me. My blog is for me. And it’s for you too.

My blog changed my life in a radical way. 


My blog showed me that I am more than my situations. I am more than what house I live in, the car I drive, how much money I make.

My blog showed me who I am to my core while encouraging others to explore themselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

I am more. I am me.

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