Are you going to heal through it or keep masking it?

How many things and how many people will you continue to use to cover up what’s really hurting you?


You’ve tucked away, thrown it out, and told yourself you are good. You say you’re doing great, amazing, and over it! You’re over that horrible situation that came up in your life, the heartache, or whatever it is… at least you keep telling yourself that. In reality, you never actually healed throw it, uncovered it, and dealt with it. Instead, you put away and tried to forget about it as if it never happened. 


So these things keep popping up in your jobs, your relationships, your thoughts. These things have an underlying issue… the problem you never truly went through. You not allowing yourself to heal doesn’t mean it’s actually gone for good. It means it will keep on showing up in your life in disguise. This is why self-awareness is very important. 



Choosing to heal takes courage. It’s not easy having to sit with something that hurt you and caused you pain. After you move through it and release it, you’ll feel so much better. It’s a lot more worth it in the end!


Looking For Ways To Heal? 

  • Pray
  • Seek counseling, life coaching, mentorship
  • Meditate
  • Journal





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