Happy One Month Princess Riley Blake

Oh, my sweet darling is one month old today and I have cried literal tears about five times already!

I cannot belive how fast time has flown. The crazy part is that everyone warned me about this and now it’s happening. Having Riley has taught me to not dwell on the past or rush the future, but to enjoy each and every moment as it is. Each and every moment is so special. I have been flooded lessons… patience, love, and best of all, life! It has been so cool to watch a little human grow from my belly to now, and she is still growing! I have a new found appreicate, a new fire for the Lord. Oh and my prayer life?! I have never prayed so much! I am continuously thanking Him for creating her and blessing me to be her mommy all while asking the Holy Spirit to protect her.


Momma is so happy to have you baby girl. I know you’re going to get sick of me crying, dressing you up in headbands, and taking billions of pictures of you but I know you’ll appreicate it one day… oh! and I almost forget along with the billions of pictures, you’ll also be getting a billion AND ONE* kisses *MUAH MUAH MUAH*

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