Grocery Shopping With a Newborn Made Easy

*I received this product for a review, but all opinions are my own.*


Every time I would go shopping with my baby girl I would be conflicted on if I should shop with her in the stroller. Normally, I would bring her car seat in, but there were times the car seat would not even fit in the buggy! Not only that, but the car seat would take up the whole dang thing! Therefor, leaving barely any room for the items.

Then, it happened. I found this. Binxy Baby. This moms miracle.


As a stay at home mom with a significant other who works a lot, I am usually the one who has to do all the shopping. Binxy Baby has really saved my life. I just bring her in the store with no car seat and no stroller. THANK GOD. Those two can be so hard and heavy to deal with. With Binxy Baby seat carrier, I am left with less back pain, arm pain, and frustration. This carrier is easy and light weight to place onto the shopping cart. It fits most shopping carts, but I have not had a problem thus far.

As you can see it leaves plenty of room for groceries… hallelujah 

And she love its… more hallelujah *inserts prayer hand emoji*

I think she enjoys being able to see her surroundings. With the natural incline, it is comfortable for her too. If you have not noticed from the pictures, there is a belt and other parts that make it very safe to use. Do not worry mommas! It is used for babies that are approximately six to eight months. You can even place the car seat inside of it. Cool right?! There is strap for the car seat as it holds up to 50 pounds in weight.

What next?

  • You can read more on and/or purchase a Binxy Baby here. For 10% off click here.
  • Once you have the carrier, be sure to properly secure it.
  • You can release the retracting child seat in the shopping cart if you have another child with you or for extra space.
  • Try shopping in the morning time as there are less people. I have made the mistake of going during after work hours and completely regretted it.
  • Of course, do not forget the diaper bag with a toy, blanket, and pacifier.

    Now, you can finally enjoy your grocery shopping trips!

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  1. So cute! Love that it leaves more room that just sitting the whole infant carrier into the cart. I’ll have to keep this in mind if baby #2 ever comes along!

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