God Spoke To Me Through My GPS

It came to my surprise when I googled “Taco Bell near me” to find that it was on the road I always drive on. Like the road that’s next to my house and gets me everywhere. I insisted on putting the address into my gps anyway…. JUST IN CASE.


See I knew exactly what road it was on and how to get there, yet I needed to know every detail for chances I might just miss it. It was in that moment that I realized I do the same thing with God. I pray to Him and have faith that whatever obstacle I’m in will be blessed, but deep down inside I’m wondering when and how. I say I trust He will take care of everything while I’m masking the questions that are running in my head.


“Ok God, I understand you’re going to speak to me but like… can you do it now? Or wait hold on, maybe you can just let me know when my blessing will come.”


Funny thing about faith is, you have to see it through.


Having faith is having complete trust. Not half the trust. Not wishy-washy trust, but complete and total trust.


Pray about it.

Trust in it.

Continue to praise and worship.

Live in the moment. Even if it’s not the best moment, make it the best.


After giving my prayer to the Lord and choosing to trust it’s then up to me to do just that. No more letting my thoughts and actions wander. I’m going to think and act in faith. The best way to do this is to be in the present moment at all times. For me, I easily ruin what I’m currently doing by thinking about everything that’s not going right in my life. For example say my family and I are out to eat and I’m not in the best financial situation. As soon as I think about all the money I need, without realizing it my attitude changes. I take my situation out on not only myself, but those around me as well. Which in turn, ruins our family outing and destroys my hope.

Instead of letting a situation affect me I need to give the situation to God and continue living in each moment as they present themselves. Everything else the Father will take care of. I know it seems so scary because what if He doesn’t answer my prayer or it’s not answered yet so He probably won’t ever speak to me. And whatever other excuses I tell myself for just giving up on Him.


but then that wouldn’t be faith. And the last several times I tried doing things on my own, they didn’t end well.

I need God. I need faith. 


The Lord has pretty awesome ways of speaking to us. For me it was through a GPS. Let me know in the comments ways He has spoken to you recently!

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