First Time Meeting Santa

Oh, how I love experiencing all of the “first” with baby Riley.

Over the weekend, Riley Blake met Santa for the very first time.



The Fair Oaks Malls in Virginia hosted an amazing event.

As we walked into BRIO Tuscan Grille  we were greeted with goodie bags, then led to the seating area. We chose our spot then hit the buffet.  Towards the end of our delicious meal Santa Claus came to each table to talk to us one on one. It was amazing.


santa claus

It doesn’t stop there.

After all that, we then walked to the middle of the mall where we found Santa’s sleigh. Upon arrival, we registered Riley Blake. Then boom, a name tag slid out the machine with her Code Name to describe her job on the sleigh. I really loved how interactive this whole thing was. There was even a room that was snowing. It was like a maze. We went through each section of the sleigh to find something new, then alas there was Santa again!

fair oaks mall


Is this not the coolest thing ever? Once we were face to face with Santa yet again, Riley Blake got to sit in his lap and snap a picture with him.




While at the event, we had the opportunity to mingle with other families. It truly was a blast from the food, Santa, pictures, and making new friends! The goodie bag we received had a coupon inside to a place in the mall so there was even time for shopping afterwards.

Riley Blake really did enjoy herself.

riley blake


  1. Hi I see Riley wasn’t wearing the helmet in these most recent posts. I’m just curious to know did everything go ok with it ? It was recommended My daughter was to use the DOC BAND and we are so torn on what to do?. Did everything go ok with Riley?

    • Hey Cheryl!

      Everything is going fine. She is still wearing it, but I like to take it off for pictures and fun stuff. Although I’m not supposed to, I like giving her a break. Since I do leave it off more times than I am allowed, she is having to wear it two extra weeks. Her head shape is looking so much better so I am glad we got it. I just don’t like that she has to were it 23 hours a day. I want my baby to have freedom haha. Time is flying though! It’s not as bad as I originally thought it would be.

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