Love Yourself Series: Emotional Wellness

The most important step in loving myself: self awareness.

I had to become aware of how I was feeling and why. Processing my emotions and understanding them is what has gotten me by and still does.

  1. Process of emotion

    Reflecting. Asking myself questions to understand why I reacted the way I did. What was it that got me so upset? Who was around when it happened? What lead to this happening? What was running through my head? Where was I? What did I do afterwards? You sometimes I will think “wow, that was very silly of me” or “I wish I would have done this _______ instead.” The more I am self aware, the more it leads me to think in that moment with asking myself questions, but a different set: Is this something I can control? Should I really be upset over this? How is being upset going to benefit me?

      2. Understanding Emotions

Something that is not always easy to do, especially in moments of depression.

Not only should my be aware of my emotions and reactions, but also

  • Who I hang around
  • Paying attention to how things make me feel (music, food, atmosphere)
  • Noticing how the way I was raised has affected me
  • Being aware in each and every moment

Being aware in everything that revolves around me is key. When I am a aware I realize who I should and should not involve myself with. I realize what music I should listen to, to calm me down. I know when to walk away from a situation. Self awareness leads to self control. 



Stay Aware through Depression

My lows just so happen to get very low at times. These moments can be harder to think back on, but I do it anyway. This in return, has brought progress. The low moments are now far and few between and never last as long.

Reflection can be made aloud, in your mind, in your journal, and/ or through prayer. 


Stay Aware through Failure

Many times I have tried putting myself and my dreams out there and many times I have failed. Without looking back to figure out where I went wrong, I won’t really know what to do the next time. It is so much easier to just give up, but why? There is a reason I tried in the first place. Now, I take what happens through my failures so I can turn them into successes.

Oh, and no matter how many times things don’t work out I keep trying. I stay aware in why I started, what happens, and why I should continue trying or what should be done differently next time.

Personally, what I have noticed is that I take on what people may be thinking way too much. Like I said above, I have tried many things before and I get nervous, thinking “people are going to see me fail at all these things.” What I learned from digging deep into my mind and being honest with myself is that I am not really scared of everyones opinions. I am nervous that I may actually fail! First off, failure is up to me, to a certain extent. With everything that I have tried I have to ask myself, how much work did I put into it, how many times did I try mixing things up until I found something that worked? Also, many people won’t even try to chase their dreams. If anything, I should be proud of myself for trying and putting myself out there!

Ask yourself questions. Try getting to the bigger picture. What can you take away from each failure and turn into a lesson?


Stay Aware through Happiness

Remembering the happy occasions often get me through the hard times. For me, I like to stay in tune with what keeps me whole. When I know what brings me happiness, I know what I can turn to when I need. The things that bring me peace are things I can do when sadness occurs.

It is very easy to get caught up in negativity. Rather than focusing on the hard times, I try to pay attention to the wonderful times too. Again, asking myself a set of questions or simply reminiscing the moment itself by playing it back.

Don’t get me wrong though, I live in the moment but do have my times of sitting around, looking back. Those times are needed.


Appreciate every emotion. It is life. It is you. Embrace it all. 


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