Embrace Your Curls

Boy oh boy oh boy, how I hated my curly hair growing up. Every week or two my mom would spend hours on blowing drying and straightening my hair. It was a must that my hair be as straight as possible! The straighter, longer, and sleeker- the better. I envied the girls with naturally straight hair.

Until one day. The day that changed my life. I was introduced too…

The Curly Girl Method.

I would laugh at my mom and say how silly she was for being soaked up in Youtube videos all day. She even cut off pretty much all of her hair for a fresh start (getting rid of the relaxer). Then came the day where she finally convinced me to try out The Curly Girl Method myself. Let me tell you, I fell in love.


  • disliking how my hair shrunk up
  • having my hair feel hard and crunchy from gel
  • being ashamed of my natural state


  • having my full length
  • loving how soft my hair was
  • my curls had extra bounce and shine
  • obsessing over my natural self

I finally figured out that I would rather stand out. Stand out with my wild hair. Don’t get me wrong though, I will still go sleek on occasion. Which is so cool- I have so many ways to wear my hair. Best of both worlds.


Hair Inspiration

The Naturalista Hair Show.

My first ever hair show and I was floored. Although I didn’t get to stay long, I highly enjoyed myself and would love to attend next year.

About this event…

  • In Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Created by blogger and studio owner, Angela Walker
  • The event runs all day long with the morning being open to all ages, and night-time requiring everyone to be at least 21 years of age.

  • Vendors filled the arena from clothes, jewelry, to body care.
  • Workshops: Make- up tutorial, cornrow,
  • Braid bar + Pamper Lounge
  • Blogger Panel: @Hazel_Goddess, @Kiitana, and @Ronkeraji
  • And so much more! I mean they had just about everything.

What I caught my eye most, is the ladies who were in attendance. Their willingness to try different hairstyles really stuck out to me. I mean wow did these girls go above and beyond. As soon as I got home I rushed to try out different styles on myself. Such an amazing event to learn, get inspired, have some fun, and connect with other naturalistas!


So ladies, embrace all of who you are. Make the most out of your flaws.


Never be afraid to try new looks. Just like fashion, beauty has no rules.


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