Elle Box: Female Subscription Box

Finally, a box catered to something I need as a woman, allowing me to fully embrace myself.

The Elle Box.

*Disclaimer: Product was sent in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. I keeps it real over here. 


A monthly subscription box for that time of the month. That time most of us dread. If you’re like me, then your cycle is ridiculously painful but receiving this box makes things a tad easier. It gets me excited!

I know you’re probably thinking, what could possibly be inside that’s so good to make me excited about my period. Well, take a look for yourself.

The Essentials box


The Comfort Box



What do I love about the box?

Everything. Seriously, it’s everything I need for my time of the month. Tea to ease the pain. Snacks for cravings. Organic tampons and pads. And two surprises. I love surprises. It’s also pretty rad knowing I have a gang of girls I can turn to through the Elle Box social media channels. Because honestly, I get so emotional during my cycle that a good vent sesh is a must.


So ladies, you with me? As Elle Box says, “Turn your period into an exclamation mark!”

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