Driving In Style With The Family

Get the family ready because we’re hitting the town!

*This post is sponsored by Mitsubishi; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

SUV’s are the perfect car for families because of the space. One I love in particularly is the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander.

My Favorite Features:

  • CarPlay: I never even knew CarPlay was a thing until getting into this Outlander. CarPlay is when you plug your phone into the car, the screen will then become your phone. Need maps? Pull up the maps from your phone. Whatever you need to do, you can press “apps” on the screen of the car and your phone apps will pop up. This makes making a phone call, replying to a text, and following your maps a lot easier. If you do need to reply to a text, please take advantage of voice text and do not reply to a text while driving. CarPlay is awesome, but still use it in a smart way keeping all passengers, including yourself safe.
  • Cameras: I love that they’re are cameras all around the vehicle so you can see all aspects when backing up. You can truly get a full view of where you are going. 
  • Safety: Making sure we are safe while driving is a big things for me since I have precious cargo- my daughter. The 2018 Outlander offers many safety features like lane departure warning, blind spot warning, lane change assist, forward collision mitigation, and more. Everything you need to know regarding safety can be found on their website here.


My family and I went many places in this car and it was great on gas. The seating is comfortable and provided us with lots of space. I felt super cool driving this car, I can’t lie. I really like the design and everything it offers.

If you’re looking for some fun family activities to do this summer, try the below. 

  • Local swimming pool
  • Hit up your downtown areas website to see what events they’ll have going on
  • Picnic at the lake and/or park
  • Camp in the backyard or make a fort in the living room
  • DIY crafts which can be found on Pinterest
  • Art exhibits and museums
  • Download and view Group On for coupons at amusement parks
  • Pottery classes
  • For even more ideas, click here.

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