Don’t Give Up On Yourself

Essentially giving up on our plans, goals, and dreams is giving up on ourselves. Sometimes we just need to stop and reflect. Coming from a person who has tried so many things, I would know. I used to try something new every month. I also like to pile on 500 things at once. Dreams so big I just want to do it all. Lately I have stopped to reflect on what is working and what isn’t. From this I have truly built my brand and learned to stay consistent with my work.

My story. 

After many failed attempts with trying to start new businesses and being apart of direct sales, blogging came my way. It was right after having my daughter. I was determined to stay at home with her while being able to make ends meet and then some. I did everything I could to learn about the field of blogging which includes… everything. I’m the website designer, graphic artist, photographer, writer, editor, social media manager, and much more. Well with my determined attitude and willingness to put in the work, blogging has miraculously worked out for me. From day one I was making things happen! Don’t get me wrong though. There have been many times where the thought of giving up crossed my mind. It hasn’t all been easy. The two main things that got and still get me through are my daughter and my readers. As I mentioned above, I want to stay at home with my her to watch her grow and for the simple fact that I just don’t trust daycare. I also want her to see and know her momma live her dreams so she too, can live her dreams.

On days I feel my lowest, I swear I receive the most messages from people telling me how my blog post have helped them. For that reason, I keep going. I can’t give up on this because I would then not only be giving up on myself, but also on my readers. I’ve always wanted to start a movement and this is the beginning of that movement.

On top of finding motivation, what else has helped? Consistency.

Blogging has really made me dig deeper. It hasn’t been like any other project I’ve worked on. I’ve really pushed myself, taken time to reflect, and haven’t given up.

  1. Being ok with saying no.

  2. Knowing my worth.

  3. Understanding what’s meant for me.

These are the top three things I have learned from blogging. I’m more ok with saying “no” to my ideas. All day, everyday I have ideas running through my head. I now write these ideas in my Idea Book. It’s great because it’s something I can go back on when I’m genuinely ready to start on a new project. Rather than trying the idea out immediately, I write it down so I have more time to ponder and plan it out. Planning is another thing I’ve learned! In the past, I assumed that if I just posted something on social media I would automatically get views or sales, but nope. I have to plan my marketing, know and understand my strategy, then put the work into it 100%.

Here’s how you too, can find and make your dreams come true…

Before I hop into this I want you to understand that I do deal with moments of simply not feeling inspired. I often have times where I don’t even want to work like I have zero urge to get my laptop out or go to a networking event. There are times where my creativity is at an all time low and I have to drag myself out of these moments. As entrepreneurs and people in general, we all have bad days. Remember not to beat yourself up and understand that progress is progress.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • What are my talents?
  • Am I passionate about anything?
  • What do I daydream about?
  • What do people ask me for help or advice on?
  • Am I currently working on a project?
  • What has worked in the past and what hasn’t?
  • What are my goals? (Then write them down! Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals)
  • Do I have strategies in place to see this become successful?
  • Have I been consistent? If not, how can I change?

Write your answers down.

Keep a journal filled with these answers, then on the rest of the pages write your ideas down as they come to you.

Don’t Give Up

Continue through each and everyday with your ideas, projects, and goals. Just because it doesn’t workout the first time, doesn’t mean it won’t work out next time.

  1. Plan
  2. Try
  3. Reflect

Plan out the details of your project. Set goals for how you would like to see your project unfold. Try it out. Then reflect on what worked and what didn’t. You have to evolve. Don’t quit every time something doesn’t work out. I promise people are watching and you want them to see the growth, loyalty, and determination you have!


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