The DOC Band | Our Experience


Day 1.

Today we went in to get pictures made so Riley Blake can get her band. The pictures consisted of me having to cut her hair. As this is already a hard thing for me to deal with, cutting her hair made it worse. I never even imagined that I would cut it! On top of that, I have never cut hair so it may or may not be a little choppy. After I finished up with the cut, the doctors placed a stocking over her head to snap the photos. The appointment was super quick. Riley Blake did a lot of crying, which of course led me to feel even worse. This appointment was only for photos. At the next one, she will be getting the actual band. The purpose of cutting her hair, was to lessen the chances of getting bumps in the band. Her hair is really long and thick!


Why does she need the DOC band?

Sleeping on her back has caused her to have a flat head. The back is very flat and the sides of her head poke out. The DOC band will reshape the head making it round. This will help with wearing a helmet and glasses when she is older. Apparently it can affect her jaw too. To read more about what the DOC band is, check out their website.

How is it making me feel?

Like crap. At first I was ashamed for not doing what I “should” as a mother. Embarrassed of having to go through this. Questioning how it would make her feel. I was honestly thinking to myself that I would not leave the house nor take pictures.  I hate to even admit this but I want to for any other parents who may feel the same way. My daughter is someone I love unconditionally so why in the world would I let such a silly thing effect that? Things could be a lot worse. The band will only be worn for two months. Two months that will fly by. I am going to continue taking a million pictures and going about our everyday life. My mom, boyfriend, and a friend of mine remind me every chance they get that I am a wonderful mom. Not sure if they know this, but I appreciate that more than anything. I was feeling horrible about this whole thing, but with them uplifting me, I do feel better. I am taking care of what my daughter needs.


If you are having a hard time, like I was/am, I encourage you to soak yourself up around positive, uplifting people. Please also feel free to leave a comment or message me as I would love to connect with other parents.


Stay tuned for the coming days. I will be posting updates during this whole process.



  1. Oh don’t put yourself down, darling. This is actually a lot more common than you might think! May God give you strength and your little precious angle as well. Stay strong! You’re an amazing mother. Always remember that!!!

  2. Aw, all I can say is I can only begin to imagine as neither of my girls needed this band, but I did know another little girl around my older daughter age back when she was baby that did need it. Hugs to you and thank you for sharing your story so far here with us.

  3. Ugh, the dreaded “mom guilt”. Don’t worry sweetie we all get it and just think that your a great mom for doing something a out it. Because you could simply chose not to help your child. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

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