My Daughters Hair Routine

My daughter, Riley Blake, is now three months old… turning four months in less than two weeks. Wowzers. I honestly cannot believe how fast time is going! Anyway, what you really came here for. Hair. My hair is very curly. Having the option  to wear my hair either curly or straight is nice, but let’s be real, curly hair can be hard to maintain. Since Riley Blake also has curly hair (woot woot) I wanted to get a head start in taking good care of her it. Please note that she also had cradle cap so I took the extra mile in making sure that was resolved.

Here’s what I do:

  • Wash her hair every other day. I was washing it everyday when she was dealing with cradle cap. Although they say this causes it, it helped it. I was washing it every three days as the nurse recommended, but as soon as I started with everyday, things got better! I did this for about a week and started seeing progress within three days. Remember, every baby is different though. This worked for my daughter. Now I just do it every other day since the cradle cap has healed.

How I wash:

  • Wet the hair and add Aveeno baby wash. I switched over to Aveeno since it is known to work well with sensitive skin. It even helped with her baby acne. Highly recommend Aveeno! Once I get it all lathered up in her hair, I comb through it. Then wash out.
  • After washing, I add baby oil to her hair. LIFE SAVER. I recently started putting just a little on her face too, where there is a dry patch. (Tip: If your child has cradle cap and you do not want to wash it everyday, just use baby oil to lather then comb out flakes. Thanks to my aunt and mom for this tip) Baby oil is great for cradle cap, moisture, and styling.


For the hair comb and brush set I use the Comfort Grip™ Comb & Brush from Nuby. The brush really is soft! Like super soft. Brushing smoothly against her head, making it nice for newborns. This set is great because I can get much use out of it- from ages newborn to probably older than one. It has a cute design and nice grip. Like the title says, the grip is comforting. The product, overall, is amazing! I can travel with it and they are easy to clean. Another recommended product.

This routine is very simple as Riley Blake is still in the newborn stage. As she grows I will come back and give you all an updated routine! For now, washing her hair every other day with Aveeno, applying baby oil, and using Nuby hair products are my go to.


Nuby is a brand I do use frequently. If you are interested in seeing what they are all about, or what else they offer, see below.




{I received the Nuby products for a review, but all opinions are my own.}


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