The Best Street Style From New York Fashion Week

The wilder the outfit, the better.

The fashion is not found only on the runway during this week long event that marks history every year. The event that every girl dreams of attending.  It is also in the street from attendees to people who live in the city, just casually going about their day. NYFW is such an inspiration to either get out of your comfort zone or dress how you’ve always imagined. No outfit is too crazy for this event. This is the definition of fashion having no rules and I love every bit of it. I was in awe as I passed people. It was neat seeing how everyone got creative. It didn’t stop at the clothes either. The hairstyles were even crazy. The pictures below are just some of the outfits. I wish I would I have brought my camera to capture it all. More on what I wish I would have done is saved for another post!

Photos from Yalaina E’lori who has more NYFW

photos on her Instagram. Highly recommend you

peep those!

Photos by Santino Holnagel, who also has more

work that you should check out!


If you’re wondering how in the heck it was even possible for me to attend, click here.
To read about the shows I attended, click here.

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