Best Meditation Practice During Summer Time

I normally have the hardest time meditating, but tonight as I was swimming in the pool I began to float. Before I knew it, I realized I was meditating.

It was freeing. 

As I laid my head above water, back afloat the waves I created from swimming, and legs just hanging… I took it all in. My surroundings, which consisted of the universe. The trees, the birds, the sky. They encompassed my eyesight and I suddenly felt as if I were one with them. I was being.

My body just lay there.

My hearing clouded by the sound of water.

My mind quieted.

My soul began to truly live.

Next time you find yourself in a pool, take time to float.

  • Let your body naturally sit atop the water.
  • Look up
  • Take in how tall the trees are, how magnificent the clouds are, how the birds chirp. Take in your being.

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